Unai Emery


Tbh small dicking did have a part to play in this farce.

How you gonna just defend when that puts pressure on the worst part of your team??

We should have taken the game to them, especially after we went behind.

Lacazette on the bench until late when he is our best striker in these kinds of games.

Ozil not even on the bench. No kind of creativity in the middle.

A bit shambolic ngl.


To get the most out of this type of football we need better wide players. To get more solid in defence we need other coaches I’m certain. Again, we look exactly the same as we did under the previous manager. Not a flippin thing has changed. Today the worst defenders were the ones who were not here last season, a perfectly valid point to make.

edit: or throw more money at players, it sure wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not at all convinced it is about that we sign poor cheap players. Many poorer teams defend in a more organised way than we have for quite a while.


we are blaming Ozil and Guendouzi


Think its fair for him to take some flack for the defensive side of our game now, not particularly because our personnel is great (it isn’t and injuries is not helping, when you’re a new manager in a league having your best performing players during the transition is important) but if your idea of improving the defense is playing 5 at the back (Remember when Wenger tried this? It did fuck all) or loading the midfield in a extremely defensive way, just speaks to the lack of imagination or depth when it comes to structure or organisation a team.

He still needs a couple transfer windows to get it right though, this squad will not look anywhere close to the same in about 2 years when he has a chance for an extension.


Tend to agree here but our options were dire. What is most interesting is Laca and Ozil management… not sure what is going on there


He’s only really done this when we’ve been stretched and not had players fit. We didn’t see the back three until the injuries started piling up.


I questioned his decision to leave Laca on the bench in favor of Ramsey. With our creative players out, we needed as much goals in the team as we could afford cuz we all knew this backline was gonna give em away and that’s what they did. I would have made Iwobi the 10 instead. Ramsey doesn’t offer enough in big games to start imo. He’ll run himself into the ground for 90 minutes having done nothing but the odd back pass and loss in MF.


Using many defensive players in midfield and fullbacks/runners out wide, is really just a sign that you can’t coach a defensive side.

Goals conceded in La Liga:

08/09: 54
09/10: 40
10/11: 44
11/12: 44

13/14: 52
14/15: 45
15/16: 50


If you’re gonna get a average manager at least get someone that can speak English properly so I can understand his pressers.


I’d still want to give him until like halfway through next season.


We’ll know before that, if our summer business is similar to the one just gone we will know what to expect in 19/20.


I carnt take Emery serious on the touch line with his grimace or other faces he pulls I just thinks he looks far to much like


Gonna throw this here. He won’t last. If not by the end of the season then early next season.

People like seeing players get hooked or not play when they’re not doing well but there’s a reason you rarely see it. Players today have power, if it’s right or wrong that’s not the subject. The past week alone I bet he’s made a lot of enemies within the squad. Players will start talking if we keep losing points and start blaming the one guy that always gets the blame. The coach.
When Emery asks the board to get some of his guys the board will tell him that he’s a coach and he agreed to work with that personnel. Same shit that happened with Conte and Mourinho.


I don’t buy the player power nonsense. Players have a input but it’s the philosophy of the head coach you adapt to. Otherwise why would clubs even bother recruiting Head Coaches or Coaches applying for roles at clubs?

Emery is the kind of person who will try his utmost best to attain the result he wants. When he was managing in Spain, he had issues with Isco and sold him on. At PSG it was Neymar but Neymar in the end was convinced not to leave, in the end Emery was gone.

Here at Arsenal it’s Ramsey and Ozil. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but one thing is for sure, Arsenal are in a very bad position financially. Not Sanctioning £250k-£300k wages for Ramsey to stay makes sense. Keeping Ozil with huge wages in the side is pointless and expensive, especially when he fails to deliver in big games and lacks consistency. With his age, he isn’t going to change his approach (pressing).

Emery is still pretty much dealing with a squad inherited by Wenger. So of course, we should give 2-3 transfer windows to implement the type of players that adapt to his style. If he fails to deliver any changes by next year, then I predict he will be sacked around March 2020. But I’m willing to be patient and see what he does. I just hope how he is dealing with Ramsey and Ozil, he knows what he is doing.


If Emery fails then he fails but what bothers me is that some people want him to fail just so they can prove they were right all along and that’s just shit if you ask me.


@them :eyes:


I think Gazidis would have given him at least two full seasons, but now everyone important at the club is basically different, I don’t know. I think Wenger had some jedi mind shit going on with Kronke and some of the board but there’s no way Emery has that credit built up yet.

Right now I think we’re just in a bad spell and there’s time for improvement and I’m still in the “give him time” camp, but if shipping lots of goals and comedic defending become a defining feature of his Arsenal side like it was a feature of Wenger’s for his last 6 years then he deserves the blame and should suffer the consequences.


One thing I really wanted in a new manager was defensive organisation and so far Emery has failed spectacularly at that. I’d argue this is as bad as I’ve ever seen us defensively.


If Emery goes on another one of those 8 to 10 game winning streaks, all of these questions will be forgotten. That’s the great thing about being a football fan- as intelligent as we might be in other walks of life, we’re numskulls when it comes to the beautiful game.

Today was disappointing. It felt very ‘wengery’ (it’s an adjective- look it up). As a manager, you manage with what you have at your disposal. That’s why I was expecting something different today. I was proved dramatically wrong


The only time I remember Arsenal being defensively solid (that too with consistency) was when Keown had a stint as a coach with Arsenal in 2006. It really is a shame that we seem to be addressing the same players for the past decade or so.