Unai Emery


Yeah, the results are almost here but the performances in big games this season can’t be faulted

Apart from City I guess but they are cheating fucks so they don count


Exactly, and this was the biggest and most important step we needed to make


I don’t feel like we were good tonight tbh…


Eh I’m comparing to usual OT performances.

Granted the opposition was as poor as they’ll ever be, but this was on of the better ones, as tragic as that sounds.


Emery is doing good so far… (undefeated so far or not).
Our attack is much more fluid, no more stupid and meanlingless sideway passing…
Midfielders can get the ball to Auba and Laca in the final 3rd and we don’t need our strikers to come back to do the link up that much…

Not yet reach the beautiful football level, but we have drastic improvement on attacking.
Now please fix our shambolic defense, Unai.


the way we run our game through the flanks I am despeate for better wingers/wide players, at least the games we don’t play Auba left and Laca centre all game. If we had top wide players we’d have decimated both Spurs and United (more than we did).

I know some see defenders are the crucial thing to go for but I’m getting more and more worried that the coaching (not by the manager) is the issue since we still look exactly as fucking confused as we did 6 months ago under another manager.

Or we need both as badly perhaps lol


Nail. On. Head


its because we have the same braindead players back there in general, so until they are shipped out dont expect that much better.


look at the bright side, under the same (majority) group of players we are producing better results.


I don’t think Emery can get us where we need to go with this squad because it’s unbalanced and doesn’t fit his ideal team yet, so I hesitate to blame the coaching.

I think overall, he’s improved more players than not since he’s come in. We just need to give him a few windows to find what he needs to build properly.


Emery is making some strides, but we aren’t making any defensively. Somehow managed to concede 4 goals vs Spurs & United despite both of them offering very little going forward.

Overall though I’m happy we’ve taken 5 points and are unbeaten in our last 3 big games. Hopefully we can make our next 4 fixtures before a trip to Anfield count.


Honestly as I think about the last few seasons, I feel as if we are better defensively now in the sense that the shape of the full eleven is much better out of possession. I don’t see us conceding stupid goals where we lose possession and there isn’t an Arsenal player in the middle of the pitch to be seen, and that became a classic late Wenger era weakness.

The core issue is simply that we don’t have defenders that are top quality. Mustafi isn’t near it defensively, Sokratis is solid imo but not world class, and Holding is too young. We also have fullbacks who aren’t the best going backwards. Until we upgrade at the back, it won’t look like the defense has improved even if structurally we are being organized better, which I think we are.


Yeah I do actually agree with what you’ve said.


My manager. :unai::xhaka2:


When you compare this with Mourinho criticising his players after every mistake they make and even when they don’t make them, it’s night and day. I’m so glad we have a positive manager.


He is right in fact I voted for Kola as MOTM. Call me crazy, but attacking wise he was fantastic last night. His runs caused so much threat.

Had at least one of the two of Auba or Mkhi tapped in his chance he created we would have won the game.


I agree.
He was great going forward and seemed to cause the Man U defenders a few problems.
He might not always have been so good at getting back to perform his defensive duties but his overall attitude and winning mentality is something Emery is installing into the team with players like him and others like Torreira and Sokratis.


Interesting to see us go with the same formation as the 2nd half of the Tottenham game but Ozil included.

Koscielny Sokratis Monreal
Bellerin Torreira Xhaka Kolasinac
Lacazette Aubameyang



Invincibles next season? :drooling_face: