Unai Emery


No matter who we’ve played, I’m liking that total of 49 goals in 15 games (20*, thanks @Gladiator) . Not having a dog at big Weng, but it feels like the first time we’ve been truly entertaining in a while IMO


I love the attacking football we play.

Efficient and uses width and completely makes defences uncomfortable.

The cancerball from previous seasons had defences laughing for like 70 mins all season long until some fortunate goal occurred.


In 20 games :wink:


No wonder 49 in 15 sounded so fucking good haha


Only 30 games left to beat 49!


The 49 was in the league only actually. We’ve unbeaten in 13 in the league so we have 37 to go :slight_smile:




Ah of course! 37 then :wink:

This is our longest unbeaten run since 2007. Wonder what number we’ll eventually finish at


If we can make it to Anfield that’d be a pretty fucking great run, beyond that would be sensational.


I know you said if as you never know in football but we really should make it to Liverpool still on this unbeaten run


Nobody is ever gonna touch 49 unbeaten in the league, at least I hope not, that’s the one thing nobody can take away from the love of my life my Idol, Arsene Wenger.


I’d be very surprised if it got past Liverpool at Anfield, every chance that we get it to 26 matches though in all competitions.


Let the record stands in the history…

I believe we all want the league title more than the “unbeaten” record.
The record is an icing of the cake if winning the league; and it is meanlingless if the team can’t win shit.


But we did win shit AND get the record so a bit unsure what your point is?


I think what @ronniec must be saying is our current 20 game unbeaten run is meaningless :thinking:


It’s definitely not meaningless though.


Maybe meaningless is the wrong word, but when you look and we’re are only 5th it’s not as important as it sounds…


I am comparing winning the league and undefeated all season…
responding to A4TT

That’s what I was saying… we could be undefeated all season but not winning the league; and we desperately need to win the league more than anything, including an undefeated season.

That’s why I said, undefeated is an icing on winning the title.
Undefeated “ALONE” means nothing. Win the league is most important.


Yeah ok, but it’s never happened (and it won’t) that a team went unbeaten and didn’t win the league so it’s a bit of a moot point.


Like @Aussiegooner said, we are “undefeated” so far, but only sit at 5th…
By this trend, it could happen, although it never happened before.
City could lost a few games, but win more than us, and that would be enough for them.
It is hypothetical, and it is also possible.