Unai Emery


Two ways to look at that… :henry2:


But it was Wenger that was the most experienced manager in Europe, being at a top European club for longer than anyone else and who had built this team himself.
He insisted they were capable of winning the PL and the players he had were what he wanted.
He also had Sanchez and Ozil, who were arguably two of the best midfielders in Europe, and still he couldn’t get a top four place.

The problem was that Wenger was under very little pressure and this had meant a level ofd complacency had crept into the players.

Then Emery comes along, with almost the same group of players and straight away we can see a totally different approach.

We see, urgency rather than complacency.
The players look like they want to play for the manager rather than causing trouble or not playing to their potential.

Wenger had an air of arrogance about him in the last few seasons, where he thought his team didn’t need to adjust to the opposition, whether they were Barcelona or Bolton and he would persist with consistently under performing players.

Emery actually makes substitutions when needed and will change tactics during the game and is more ruthless with his team selection.

I can’t imagine there can be many supporters, apart from opposition ones, that would want the predictability and acceptance of mediocrity that Wenger had instilled into the club

I’m not saying Emery is perfect, or that he is going to get a CL place, but one thing he definitely is, and that’s different and it’s great to see.


I think it was something like 128 days at the top of the table but we lost 6-3, 5-1 and 6-0 against City Liverpool and Chelsea and managed to lose to a dire United team under Moyes.

That’s why we didn’t win lol


This happens every week. Most of the teams we play are bigged up pre-match, only to be dropped like a hot coal after they lose. Then it’s “Oh it was only X”.


Fun fact.

Arsenal are averaging more wins and points per game than Barcelona so far this season.


I think he’s got a good chance of getting it tbh, because we are picking up results even when performances aren’t great and when they are like yesterday we have a very high ceiling.


Don’t get me wrong. I was of the opinion that Wenger needed to go for a long time. It’s just not as night and day as people want to claim in my view. Just two games ago, against Wolverhampton, we probably should have lost. That wasn’t just one bad game. We had four/five of those this season if not more (for clarity games in which we got more than we should have). Surely that might be growing pains and Emery might bring us back to the heights of old. However he still has to prove that.


Can’t resist saying this every time you say it, but Sanchez isn’t a midfielder :grin:


It really gets me that there are some people who still call every attacking player aside from strikers “midfielders” :joy:


This man is on a tear. We’ll have hiccups along the way but at least we know there’s obsessive work being done behind the scenes at all times with no let up.


Maybe we have, and maybe it’s not that special an achievement (well we’re 4th so obviously it’s not that special an achievement) but it’s the month long capitulations that cost us and I don’t think that sustained failure will happen as badly now.

I think we may not hit Wenger’s highs (easy to forget even when he was shit, we had some dominant periods), but I think we’ll avoid the lows.

Btw if you’re judging by Wenger standards then “the middle of February” still isn’t enough to be sure :grin:


That’s the thing with Unai. He analyses, puts a tremendous amount of work into preparation and debriefings. So many players under Wenger have come out and said that we didn’t even prepare or look into countering the oppositions strengths and weaknesses and we just went out there playing Wengerball whether it was against Stoke or Barcelona. Same players, same tactics, little prep and analyses.

That’s not the case under Unai. This guy is a freak in the way he prepares for games and how proactive he is.

I love it.


If you are right about this Emery will have had a very good first season results-wise from this point forward. If he manages an Europa League victory at the same time it would probably be somewhat of an excellent first season and I would probably have to swallow my words a bit.

30 out of 14 is very decent tbh. It just so happens to be that the bar has been set higher with the resurgence of Liverpool and Tottenham.


Unbeaten 20 games in a row. Should have gotten the win tonight.


How often do we come away from OT unhappy we didn’t win - not often


I did think this but then I remembered we all felt we should have gotten the win against virtually every single United team we’ve played post Fergie.


Yeah the home matches against Van Gaals side when we dominated and lost 2-1 and the home one last season are fresh in my mind still

They really are a bunch of lucky cunts




Yeah there has been multiple post-fergie Man Utd sides we really should of beaten, its a frustrating blemish that we can’t put them to the sword.


Also factor in we should of came away from Stamford Bridge with a win too, OT and Stamford Bridge where we really should of won and that Emery had Klopp’s number in the Liverpool game (we’ll see what happens at Anfield) we can question the quality, but the change Emery has managed to instill mentally inside this club is something that should bode well.