Unai Emery


I’m really interested to see how he gets on in his first ever North London derby. How much has been told to him the history and importance of this particular tie I wonder? Wenger had such a strong record over Spurs for the majority of his time here, but in recent seasons it’s been a much tougher affair.

A win would really be a large boost for the team and fans.


It’ll be big to win the NLD, but I reckon we’re in for a struggle, I think the biggest difference from the Liverpool match is Emery has faced Klopp’s Liverpool before with Sevilla in a final no less, he knows what he’s all about, I think that’s also why the 1st half looked so much different compared to the rest of our games, Emery just trying to figure everyone out.

I’m well ready to be shocked and proven wrong with a strong dismantling mind you =)


We’ll smash them :slight_smile:


We won our home game last year; and very unlucky not to get a draw in the away game


What you can guarantee is that Emery will have done his homework on spurs.
The most important thing is that we don’t make too many defensive mistakes because that’s exactly what Chelsea did and they went three goals down.

There is only so much any manager can do, no matter how well he has prepared for a game, and with mistakes waiting t happen from players like Mustafi and Xhaka, it’s going to very difficult to stop them scoring.


We have a very good record at home against them, even with their improved form in recent years. They have a big game midweek and hopefully that has a negative effect on them.


Lacazette missed a very good chance in the away game last year, but we really should have been 3-0 down at the time so I don’t know if I’d use ’ unlucky’ in reference to that result.


Unai looking suave as fuck in them glasses :eyeglasses:


As cool as he looks, there’s no way we’re winning the Europa League this season. Especially with the likes of Liverpool and Spurs potentially joining us


No chance either takes the EL seriously.


Spurs don’t care about “small trophies”, according to Pochettino.


I still think Liverpool will progress, but Napoli will nearly be just as difficult.


I thought that was John Lennon. Imagine.:thinking:


@Stroller you aren’t the first to think that :joy::joy:


None under 50 their @Calum im guessing then.


Despite the shit starts, I’m really happy about him being our manager, I love his style of these quick transition attacks.


It seems they don’t care about winning any trophies, let alone small ones.
There wasn’t even colour TV the last time they won a big trophy.


Today it’s for real: Welcome to Arsenal, Unai Emery!


What a fucking game. Bang on again with the subs.



@AbouCuellar shame we didn’t get Arteta eh? :ramsey: