Unai Emery


As of today, he has now 100% fully justified why we SO badly needed to part ways with Wenger sooner. Fucking loving the work he’s doing for us this season. He’s got the team spirit back. The players are fighting for each other. The fans are happy. The passion and excitement has returned. The support is back. The club is feeling united once again.

Unai Emery you wonderful wonderful man :unai:


I was really losing interest last 2/3 seasons of the same Wenger nonsense. Today’s derby has entirely brought back the joy and passion for the game and Arsenal.

The way we are playing today is just fantastic.


Reliance on 2nd half adjustments is slightly troubling but it’s really just managerial brilliance whilst dealing with the heap of shit that is this squad. The plan A has to get better


The thing is though we were actually good in the first half minus an outrageously poor bit of defending. Otherwise that’s as good as we have been in the first half.




This guy is working wonders no two ways about it, I was dubious when he joined, however, he’s having such a great impact.

The mindset a team possesses comes from the manager, we never drop our heads just keep going and going, when he has the team he really wants in terms of personnel and tactical discipline we may be on to something great.


This squad is not as bad as people want to believe. There is enough quality there for a top four finish.


The indivdual errors in midfield and defence particular will kill us. The personnel has to get better at CB which is EL quality at best


Fun thing is as well, he voted on a Tottenham win in the poll for the match :ramsey: Come on AC, break your slience, just admit you were wrong and come out of your hole :unai:


We’re so much better than them over the entire game. The tactics he runs to handle high pressing teams like the Shits is so effective, you play out the back, drop down with full backs and have two deep lying midfielders, that means you outnumber a high press by 2-3 players all the time and can pass the ball in triangles all you want, and when the scum get tired of pressing our build up completely outnumbered they move another 2 or so players up into the press, we immediately just play it back to Leno and he chips the ball over like 5-6 scum players and we’re attacking 4 vs 4 or so. Neutralising their high press and Poch gets little done.

This type of setup requires a ball-playing GK and deep sitting midfielders that can play the ball properly which we have now. scum get gifted 2 goals, Son trips himself and Dean is a cunt, the Dier goal is not a free kick and probably offside, we should’ve won by a wider margin even, and the subs were great. 2 assists on Ramsey and a goal by Laca. Well done Emery.


Some of these individual errors have the same cause as they had under Wenger. Defensively we are not set up well, yet. You can’t play one-v-one at the back and expect defenders not to make mistakes.


Talksport saying we’ve taken more points from the top teams than anyone else in the league :+1:


What’s the context? Because City has beaten Spurs and United and got a point against Liverpool. Arsenal are on five right now.


Only caught the end of it to be honest mate.


Talksport are incorrect




No dont invite that trolling cunt back onto the forum, its a better place without the atleti ratboy


Wer ist Tuchel?



We need to remember that we also beat Tottenham at home last season and drew Liverpool at home. As much as it was a great win, we have another big test for Emery on Wednesday night in Manchester in a game we normally always lose.


True but the competence of the displays is much better.