Unai Emery


Agreed, and it’s going to take more than 4 months of Unai to undo years of Wengers defensive ineptitude that he spent years engraining in our defenders.


I do really like his press conferences. Always talk about his tactics and how he wants the team to play.


Emery’s brought tactics and cojones, we wouldn’t have won 12 games in a row or put up a fight in a big game like v Liverpool with Wenger here. King Unai




Lol! Love :unai: to bits!


“My first thing in every club I have worked in is to get a personal relationship with the players, and then build a professional one. The best success for me is not one trophy, it’s not harmony, it’s when players improve and grow.”

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Unai Wengery


Does he have the subtitles on? I’m English and I can barely understand what they’re saying on Peaky Blinders. I feel like it might as well be in Vietnamese at times :hear_no_evil:


Wake the fuck up. You have shit players, but it’s not possible we always play like crap in the first half.


Now we can’t even have a good second half. We have regressed badly.


Said this on Matchday thread.
We need players. A defender and a winger is a must.


I thought it was a highly strange decision to take Torreira off at the time, will be interesting to hear his explanation on this one.


I was astonished, and also at Iwobi coming off instead of Mhiki. In the end it’s all good but I was confused.


Results are far more important than performances right now. It’s torture watching at times but I’m trusting Unai so far.


He played vs Wolves before the break, then both vs Brazil and France during the break, then back on now vs Bournemouth and we might want to field our best team vs scum in a week, could be the explanation.


Since I’m not a native speaker I thought not fully understanding what they were saying was just me.


Did he play full 90s in both international matches during the break ?


no he was subbed off against France, don’t remember when but soemtime later in the game.


In Lucas’ thread, @shamrockgooner posted that there was concern about Lucas picking up an injury, hence the sub. Makes sense.

However, leaving Mhki on was a head scratcher since he was clearly struggling.


It will be interesting to see how Emery handles the NLD in our next PL game.
It was probably the main reason he took Torreira off because he seems the sort of player that will love a big game like that.

On the other hand I’m sure Emery will leave Mkhitayran as far away from the starting line up as possible, he is far too light weight physically and mentally.

Already Emery has done more this season than Wenger did all last season.
He has won as many away games already, he has got us playing more effective attacking football, scoring more goals and, most importantly, he has transformed a group of players, mostly assembled by Wenger, into a team that wants to play for him.

I wonder if even the most ardent WKB would have him back?