Unai Emery


Wenger says “what!?” :wenger:


Did stop him doing the usual mistake that lead to a goal.



Surprise surprise! It’s gonna be a,long way back to the top, but i trust King Unai :unai:


Exactly what these idiot shitty players need. Now when we get some world class players with high footballing IQ then we might be able to win the league.


His english is almost perfect now. Love it!


I’m not sure 18 games is too small of a sample size, but his defensive structure isn’t that convincing either.


Rob Holding is the 473rd player to praise Emery’s tactics and have a dig at Wenger’s methods

“The main difference is how we’re defending when we’re attacking. When we’re up the other end of the pitch, how we are organised and prepared for a counter. That has been the biggest difference.

“We’re really focusing on video work, moving as little as five yards in some positions which makes all the difference when getting to the ball.

“When we were playing we would be stood there and no one would be talking to each other, whereas now there is much more communication. We seem a bit more organised and a bit more together at the back.”


It was said by former Arsenal players Wenger didn’t prepare or anticipate opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and definitely didn’t do extensive video analysis. Makes one wonder, what the hell Wenger got paid for the last few seasons, especially.


Wenger never cared about the opponents. He just believed in our own strengths.


And there was nothing wrong with that, we’d won games before even kicking a ball because we believed in our strengths ,just unfortunately the game moved on from that and we didn’t move with it.

I don’t think there’s much of a case for these sorts of things in football now.


Shouldn’t players communicate regardless :thinking: as professionals and in a team game you’d think that was a necessity.


Lol Wenger getting shots fired left right and centre :joy::joy:


When things go south with Unai, these same players will blame the system.

But who cares, as of now it is refreshing to see that the change has been adapted well, considering how so often change is not welcome with players.


I don’t know where to put this so I’ll just put it here. Bouldy says Wenger actually did some preparation :cech:


Couldn’t say something negative about him, tbh.



When things go south with Unai, these same SUPPORTERS will blame the system


There’s no “or”, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


I think what we’ve seen with Unai so far is what we can expect going forward, he’s a good manager but not a great one. We’ll have a few years of fighting for CL places but he’s not the sort of elite manager that will have us fighting for a league title.


I suspect you might be right, but I want to give him another two windows (ie January and more importantly the summer) to bring in his own guys before I condemn him as you basically just did.

I’m dissatisfied with our defence (big time), but aside from that I’ve seen enough positive changes that I really feel the need to see more before I write him off.