Unai Emery


For some reason I read that in Emery’s accent.
Gotta admit, tried giving his interviews/conferences a go at the start but it didn’t last. As long as he communicates with the players well then I have no issue.


Bottling it at this stage isn’t something we aren’t used to. If we come out of January still competing then I’m more than pleased.


It was great to see a manager of ours matching someone like Klopp in terms of his intensity on the touchline. He used his energy to push the team and he was constantly coaching from the dugout, as if he was on the pitch himself. That isn’t an intangible either, I genuinely think it matters that the players are getting constant directions and being pushed by their boss throughout a match. That then transmits itself to the crowd and the energy levels in everyone go up, and that to me is a real positive difference between Emery and Wenger so far.


I’m going to give him time as he needs it, but the amount of Arsenal fans acting like he was some kind of saviour is cringeworthy ( mostly not on this forum)


You still need the players. Maybe he can over deliver by like 5 points but it would be a miracle to win the league or even put the pressure on with this team, they way it’s constructed.


It is to be hoped he has proper targets lined up In January. I know the defence is not good but I did expect some improvement in cover for these cowboys. Time yet to get better but im not seeing defensive instruction forming here.


Our november:

Arsenal-Liverpool 1-1
Arsenal-Sporting 0-0
Arsenal-Wolverhampton 1-1

Dear Emery, sort this shit out as soon as possible


So to continue the pattern our next game is 0-0 :mustafi:


2 clean sheets in 12 league games, how many clean sheets do the rest in the top 4 have out of curiosity?


If this spanish doesn’t wake up and make some changes i can see us losing/drawing at Bournemouth as well.
All the confidence built in 2 months has gone away :santi:


Bournemouth, Tottenham and United after the international break :grin:. Not very confident we’ll get a lot out of that.


He just has to start games stronger.

I honestly don’t know why we don’t…


0 points for sure.


I think Unai himself was baffled by our performance yesterday. We have had slow starts to games recently but the worry was that our second half performance wasn’t that much better. We had a bit more possession in their half but we didn’t do much with it. Our first shot on target came sometime around the final quarter (IIRC) of the game, and that should tell you how poor we were.

Let’s hope Unai uses the international break to sort out some of the problems we have had and prepares his tactics for the next 3 games, which will most likely define our season. Get 7 points or more from those 3 games and we are well and truly on the way to a top 4 finish.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be interesting December for this team and manager.


Europa League still is the way too go. We probably make it to the quarter finals easily. In those quarter finals we also might get a (very) easy draw. Makes it two/three must win, more difficult games…


He is the Europa League specialist after all :unai:


He’ll be bitterly disappointed about the Wolves game there’s no doubt. That was true complacency. He’ll run them ragged before the next game. Bournemouth are gonna get this work good and proper.


This is a really good read haha


Should learn from Gucci boy :wink:


“It’s the best I’ve felt at Arsenal since I came to the club and the coach has had an enormous influence.”

“He prepares us all and we have a plan. We know how to do it with ball and without ball. We know how and when to stand where. Emery is like Lucien Favre [Xhaka’s former boss at Monchengladbach], a freak who pushes us back and forth, ten times, until everyone understands.”

“The first video analysis follows right after the game,” Xhaka explained. “And then it goes on, every day. 30 minutes of video on the game day after breakfast - and then again, before we go to the game.”