Unai Emery


In theory a team can improve during the season is what you said. Of course, a team can improve during the season as it can decline too.

How is it fair or realistic to expect from Unai in a month of pre-season to drill his team of players he has never worked with before in a new nation league and culture to be ready for beating Manchester City who are a drilled team for a few seasons now under Guardiola? Or Chelsea who are still unbeaten too?

Other managers drill their team for a season and are expected to get results the season after, definitely regarding beating top teams. You tell me Unai had a pre-season to get the job done. :rofl:

Come on man.


Yea, but the home game we played them off the park 2-0 and we put them out of the Cup.

It does have to be said if Emery makes us better away from home that would be a key improvement over Wenger because we always did poorly on our travels and last season was the extreme accumulation of that weak mentality.


If that’s the atttitude shouldn’t you completely hold judgement until the season is over?


It really is a bit of a shame we had to play chelsea and City as our first two games


It is but then again we had a better chance against City at that point when their players had the WC hangover.

Besides getting them out of the way allowed us to go on the run of consecutive wins and unbeaten run, hate to lose but worked out OK in the end.


43 new posts? WTF!?


Well quite. Though at the time a lot of people were saying that was the best time to play Man City – given that most of our players had a longer pre season.

In terms of the subject at hand, first and foremost I wanted to see a team who actually appeared to be trying, who actually looked coached. And so far, that is what we have got. For Emery’s first season, the results are just a bonus. I’m aware we have mistakes we need to iron out and holes that need filling with the right pegs, but compared to recent seasons, I mainly like what i’m seeing. And I don’t care if we’ve ridden our luck a bit. Which team doesn’t ever get any luck?

It’s not about celebrating being 5th or celebrating a draw. It’s the reaction we see from our players to going behind when before we might have given up, the effort we’re seeing from players who looked way off the pace last season and the fact there is a positive vibe around the club again – that to me is worth celebrating and i’m not going to let anyone rain on that parade.


Why are some people so negative? Are you Merson in disguise who can’t see our improvements?


You expected the game to be over at HT. Head your head in shame.


Yes I think so. I’m not actually judging him one way or another, I’m just putting what he’s done thus far in perspective.

Right now he should be enjoying a honeymoon period anyway. Because of the complacent and weak attitudes of the players and the players no longer believing in the project there was always likely to be a rebound effect.

There’s no reason for the disparity of home and away form last season other than our players mentality.


To a degree your right. One thing we havent seen though is Arsenal sides coming from behind like this. The reaction of the players are defo down to Emery.


Yup there is definitely a morale boost among players which was absent in last 2 seasons with Wenger.

That could also be down to our streak though.
Let see how they react when they face a few defeats


One of my favourite things about him is his press conference answers.

He literally babbles on about fuck all, and completely avoids saying anything of substance.

A fantastic thing when he is pressed on difficult questions lol. He’s thinking, ‘I don’t want to say anything too crazy and draw attention to myself like Mourinho. Here, I’ll spout some shite for about a minute until the journo gets bored and asks something else.’

Rinse and repeat :unai:


I also love how he says good afternoon or good evening before he speaks to BT/Sky


Find that hard to believe conseidering we were top for a day or so when we beat Stoke at the Emirates in late Nov / early Dec to in the 16/17.

As for the people talking about the coming from behind thing as being different for us vs s big team, didn’t we trail Liverpool 2-0 last year and get a draw ?

I’m not trying to complain with the job Emery is doing thus far, I just think we’ll know a lot more in late Feb after the winter months.


Yes that was two years ago that’s why MM has said it’s been a while since we where this close


LOL so last season was the only season we haven’t been this close in November actually, in 16/17 and 15/16 we were closer.


Yep look at the points difference :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


No people are not talking about coming from behind in yesterdays game. Done it more than any other side this season. Can get lucky every now and then but not on a regular basis.
Better we didnt always have to do it that way, but at least it proves resolve and response in the side.


Yeah so in other words we are better than last season but a similar level to 16/17, glad we got that sorted.