Unai Emery


It’s not whether they can or can’t. It’s just that it’s unlikely. Leicester’s squad wasn’t considered the best at the start of their successful campaign.

So for this reason, any team in the top 6, hell, the top 10, should fight for the title. Because if you don’t aim high, you’re going to end up much lower than you expect.


If you want a set of totally delusional players and a manager then good for you. You must have loved Wenger and select players banging on about how we were aiming for, and capable of winning, the title when everyone knew that we were in a scrap for the top four because we evidently were worse than several other teams, both in terms of manager and squad.

@Jules I’d like to hear your reasoning as to how our manager is as good as our rivals’ managers. Or your reasoning for thinking that he’s good enough to win us the league. Whichever of those two statements you were making in your post.

Because I think you’d have a hard time stating either case.


I can’t see it.
It would mean two of Man City, Liverpool, spurs, Man U and Chelsea would have to finish below us and I don’t know which clubs they would be.

I would go as far as to say that if Emery doesn’t sort out our defence quickly, there is more chance of us being out of the top six than in the CL places.


You can make the argument that Guardiola is better, and I’d agree. But no one else.


You can easily make an argument that Klopp and Mourinho are better. There is reason why Sarri ended up at Chelsea and Emery with Arsenal too.


I wanted to hear your reasoning for saying this but all you’ve done is restate your opinion. Which is your prerogative I guess.


Because I see no evidence to the contrary. After a couple of transfer windows I may have to revisit that opinion, but certainly not now.


What are exactly the signs that Emery can win a Premiership? Because he did it once with PSG?


What the hell has this got to do with Wenger? And, for the record, I don’t buy into press speak from our players/manager saying we can win thr league when we’re 20 points behind in January. That’s just spin doctor shit.

Going back to what I originally said, the players have to have the belief that they can win it. It’s got sweet FA to do with what you or I think.


To be fair are there signs that Mourinho or Pochettino can win the Premier league with Man Utd and Tottenham respectively?


To be fair, Emery has faced Klopp only once and we k is the result there so technically, until we play Liverpool there is not much to suggest Klopp is better.

Not saying he isn’t, but still.


Pochettino can’t. Anybody who thinks that is not right in their minds.

Man Utd has the foundation/resources to be considered a contender always.


It’s entirely relevant to what you were saying. Wenger and some of his players used to constantly say that they believed we could win the league, and it got really tiring and annoying because it was blatantly bullshit. You’re saying that this mentality is desirable and something you’d like to see.

I don’t particularly want a delusional manager and squad who believe they can win the league when they clearly can’t. I’d prefer they have a sensible and reasonable set of aims and beliefs that reflect their actual ability, rather than living in some sort of fantasy world where they think they can best City, Liverpool and others from a starting point of being comfortably the sixth best team in the country.

There’s a hell of a lot of work to be done before anyone associated with our club should be thinking about the title.


I wouldn’t hold that against Poch though, at the end of the days it’s Spurs.

He’s done a fantastic job there considering they have a net spend of £29mil since 2014. He does need to validate himself by winning a trophy though.


Blockquote[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:2185, topic:2361”]
Wenger and some of his players used to constantly say that they believed we could win the league, and it got really tiring and annoying because it was blatantly bullshit. You’re saying that this mentality is desirable and something you’d like to see.

That’s clearly not what I’m saying, and again you’ve decided not to read my post. I’ve said that when Wenger and some of his former players used to say it, it was almost a “say it for the fans” soundbite. I didn’t buy into it as, like you said, it was bullshit.

If the manager and the players we currently have don’t have the mentality of wanting to win the league, then there is something fundamentally wrong.


Who says they were just saying it for the fans? Maybe Wenger and those players genuinely believed it, in the same way you’re saying that Emery and our current squad should believe they can win the league. Both would be equally delusional. You’re dismissing it as bullshit and lip service because it’s exactly what you’re demanding from our current manager and squad, and imo you’re now realising that doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

Sorry, but which one is it? Believing or wanting? Because the two blatantly aren’t the same. I want to win the league. All fans, players and managers want to win the league. Obviously. There’s a large gap between that and then believing you can win the league.


I’m not demanding that this current crop should go to the press and say that they’re going to win the league. No one from Leicester City did in 2016.

They ought to have a belief that they want to win the league. And, if you want to split hairs about belief and wanting, the belief should always be there for Arsenal. It’s not futile, it’s not delusional.

I’ve also not wavered on my opinion. In my opinion, your opinion is a steaming pile of horseshit, but you’ve got form for not reading posts, so I’ll leave you to wallow in this one on your own.

The irony is, I replied to Luca with respect to derailing Liverpool’s title challenge, nothing to do with our own challenge (if indeed, we do mount one this season)


So we hope he can turn it around, something it was not possibile under Wenger.


This really is a fantastic sentence. It makes so much sense.


Thanks Flakey Boy