Unai Emery


You know we can play out from the back without including the keeper. Worked for about a 150 years for teams all over the world.
Beckenbaur, Kroll, Passerella. . .


Maybe he is waiting for Cech to score an own goal to replace him :grinning:


Yeah but when the keeper has it he needs to be able to play from the back too without just lumping it up field.


Is Leno good with his feet though? :henry2:


We need a Solomon-like solution here… :gunnersaurus:


I didnt advocate that. The keeper only needs basic footwork if the defenders make themselves instantly available for the ball with a natural ball playing centre back.
Its now getting to the realms of trying to turn a Dino Zoff with Pirlo passing ability and vision. At the same time as forgeting the skills a Maldini,Baresi, or Sciera having given you over the years.


My manager.


His twitter banner image, great work :joy:



Big 2 months ahead for him. Looking at our fixtures, we could climb the table and be around the very first positions.


I think a lot of people were saying this about our 8 PL fixtures after Chelsea tbh.

It’d be nice to build up a head of steam ahead of Liverpool and then derail their title challenge. God only knows they’ve done that plenty of times to us


Who was talking about the title? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No no. I meant mess up their title challenge.

We aren’t challenging for the title. It’s a shame to see why we can’t. The players and the manager have to believe they can, but they won’t


Because they can’t


Why? It’s a genuine question.


Because neither our players nor our manager are as good as those of our rivals.

Because of that I believe we can’t challenge for the title.


I don’t care what you believe. I’m on about what the players and the manager believe. I don’t see why they can’t approach every season with the mindset of winning the league


Ok, fair enough. But what i meant is just that we can climb the table to be in a good position to fight for the 4th spot.


Well im telling you we will deffo be in the top four this year !!


Our manager is good enough. Our squad isn’t.


Emery has yet to prove that he is of that quality.