Unai Emery


It’s as if Emery has had to take over a defence that has poor players, that have been poorly coached and are a complete shambles.

Oh wait…that’s exactly what’s happened.


Not that I like to agree with him but I thought Souness was spot on in what he said post match. Playing out from the back from the off like we did today just put us under a lot of pressure far too early on. If wejust controlled things, especially against a team like Cardiff, for the first ten/fifteen minutes it would benefit us a lot.


I feel we are worse off; people were saying emery would make us better defensively, I don’t see that happening, in fact we seem more vulnerable at the back.

It seems so easy to blame Wenger for this. 4 games in and we haven’t seen any improvement at all.


Who asked him to not use the window & continue relying on poor players?
You can’t tell me Sokratis was the best option available.


We bought Sokratis, Leno and signed Lichtsteiner on a free. There was room for him too rebuild the defense. But again they chose to retain Bellerin.


I agree.
Our transfer windows are as shambolic and uninspiring as our defence.


i dunno ifunai has been briefed that he has to make gold out of the turds we have. Maybe he has had a choice of mostly who he got rid of like Wilshere but maybe he was told that players like Hector and Xhaka should be worked with before we see they are truly shit and should be moved on before doing so. I have a funny feeling that Emery isnt playing said players because he cant see the problems i have a feeling that he has been told that his brief this season is to work with these players to see what can be done with them…these are not players that any coach would persist blindly with. Either he sees something in training with them that he thinks i gotta drill these twats and eventually they will get there OR its like ‘they were signed for big money/signed extensions and are a big asset potentially so use them’


Stop with the nonsense and wake up. It’s 2018. Listen to José. Managers are no more, it’s just coaches now. Chumps like Gazidis and Woodward are running the club. Some of them like Perez and Abramovich even pick the teams for fuck sake.

It baffles me how these guys play Football Manager with these clubs.


Exactly. Trying to change a shit system with shit players just makes it worse.


Burn everything!


Get Wenga back!


I think the defending will improve noticeably when Torreira is on the pitch. Right now we dont have anyone in the midfield who can win the ball often enough, we have a very ‘on the ball’ midfield. Torreira is both an on and off the ball player so he has to start now for me.

Also, when Bellerin and Nacho push up high he’ll be able to slot in and cover them, whereas Xhaka and Guendouzi can’t do that properly. We have a lot of problems but he’ll be a big boost when he’s starting matches.


These just feel like very Wenger-like performances to me.

I’m yet to see Emery make his mark and put his “stamp” on the team

At 0-1 today, I thought we could totally dismantle a very bad Cardiff side. Emery leaves his mark with a big, big away win and everyone talks about Arsenal and not Liverpool or Chelsea.

Instead we’re left with a performance that leaves more questions than answers. Heck, if we keep winning ahead of the Liverpool game, it gets interesting. But, I dunno. It just ain’t “enjoyable” any more. It just ain’t Arsenal


No, for me it is better this way, hard-fought win to make them work even harder in training.


That could easily take a season and a few transfer windows, you can’t come into a club with a mess of a side and change it overnight.

It’s especially going to take time to get the pressing right, both Klopp and Pochettino had some terrible results in their first season and it took a lot of time. This is the start of a long process.


But you know what I mean, don’t you, GWG? Something tangible. Something that makes us think- “yes, this is a problem he’s addressed”

At the minute, arguably, we’re playing worse than we did under Wenger. A horrible defensive shape and we’re now deciding to play from the back. Jeez!


Do you honestly think it’s worse now than it was last season? I don’t think so, I think we would’ve dropped points in this match under Wenger.

As for playing out from the back, I like the idea but we basically need to start with Leno from this point. It won’t seem as ludicrous when we have a keeper who can play.


I think my biggest concern is even though it took Klopp, Pep and others time you could pretty much see what the manager wanted from the get go.

Our manager is persisting with a goalkeeper who can’t play with the ball at his feet, which is a pivotal part of his style. Yet we’ve got an expensive ball playing goalkeeper on the bench.

He’s persisting with a midfielder who’s young and naive to partner a midfielder who lacks any athleticism or speed of thought in his brain.

And we’ve got two donkey centre backs who are being asked to play a high line when it clearly isn’t going to work unless we drop one and bring someone more athletic in.


Difficul to play out from the back with that backline. The real Emery can be judged next season after a massive clearout next summer.


I think it’s small margins, isn’t it? Last season, you could have bet your life Morrison would have buried that last minute header for Cardiff, making it 3-3, and the Wenger Out sentiment intensifies.

My opinion is, we’re not better (looking at it as objectively as possible). However, I’ll stop because I don’t want to be one of those fans who moans even after we win