Unai Emery


I think a particular poster here attacked Emery so much it galvanised a lot of the forum into saying lets wait and see and give him a fair crack. Hence when you get a few wading into the new team and manager after 3 games in a rather daft fashion they have been given little time.

As for Anti Wenger my opinion is yes but its not as bad as it was because he’s gone now. Give it a year or so and there will probably be zip.


Wenger and zip in a post again. very good


Tbf to Emery we cant really judge him yet. Give him atleast about 22 years to prove himself #UnaiKnows




Wenger has trouble with his zip :wink:


Ah I see - :slightly_smiling_face:


Guendouzi’ his passing and ability to keep the ball moving is already better than Elneny’s is. What does Elneny offer? He’s solid but that it’s. Guendouzi is maybe a bit more mistake-prone at this point, but that is part of his development. Really no reason to play Elneny over him.


Think the latter stages of the Wenger era created a big rift within the community that reached an absolute climax the past 2 seasons. Probably gonna take time before feelings die down about where you stood(Wenger in or out). If they die down. :joy:


I loves the fact he isn’t afraid of taking off the players who aren’t performing, but he needs to learn to play our best formation. He is still starting some players who should be on the bench.


No wonder Ozil kicking off in trainning he just wants he’s juice box.


I’ve been saying for years that Capri Suns are quite obviously the reason we haven’t been challenging for a title.

I’m glad the devil’s juice has been binned.



I reckon @Persona would be pissed too, he takes no prisoners if anyone fucked with his ribena supply.


Wenger did the same with junk food when he first arrived. Hopefully Emery can follow his steps (until 2004 :mustafi: ).





I like this guy. Not in a cuddle on the sofa kind of a way, but I like him.


I expected Arsenal to be a lot better defensively at this point, but it’s quite worrying how much chances we give away. Feel like Bellerin and Monreal are either too far up the pitch or not back soon enough when we lose the ball.

What I thought was somewhat positive were the attempts to press and get the ball back quickly when we lose possession. For the 30 minutes it went on.


We are trying to change the system so it can happen to struggle.


We need Prime Koscielnies to make his system work