Unai Emery


I think there are a couple of key decisions staring Emery in the face; he made one of them today in starting both Laca and Auba.

Ultimately, we are going to need both Torreira and Leno to start. If he doesn’t get to that soon I’ll start to question the process a bit more.


The difference for me though is that last season was the end of a long process with no chance of improvement, whereas this season we’re starting in the same spot but will surely evolve overtime. I understand the concerns but until he has enough time to sort out the squad we won’t see a drastic change, and he simply hasn’t had that time yet.


This persistence can hurt us, but we know Cech is going to be replaced by Leno at the lastest in the summer, we know Torreira is going to find his way to the team because he is simply better than Xhaka and Guendouzi. I don’t really understand why Emery persists with whom he persists but eventually change will happen.

(I don’t think he will make a contender out of Arsenal regardless)


Please, make that argument. I don’t think it stacks up to scrutiny.

Especially as we are four games in. (I’ll stop counting games around 20 in I’d say).


I don’t think we’d play from the back under Wenger. I also believe we’d have done more against Manchester City (maybe not won, but more scoring opportunities)

The Chelsea comeback was nice, but what does that matter if we lost the game anyway? Furthermore, Wenger had a surprisingly good recent record against them.

These are all marginal differences, I might add. As I said in my first post of the evening on this thread, all-in-all, it’s Wenger-like and that’s my problem


That doesn’t have anything to do with not playing better though. Playing from the back doesn’t automatically entail that we’ll be worse.


It would be the same shit with the old system. At least we are trying something different now. Give him time.


So it’s basically the playing from the back you have a problem with? That’s fair enough. Can’t say it’s endeared itself to me yet either.

But we’re not worse. I just don’t agree with that.

And again. Four games.


Why do people always bring Wenger into the conversation? He’s gone. Surely I’m not the only one who doesn’t care to read if Wenger was still here it would have been this. If Wenger was still here it would have been that


It was 22 years. You expect it to go away after less than 22 weeks?


Ideally yes


It won’t.

Until we win something significant.

It’s five years and a European trophy later and Fergie is still in the United conversation.


Ferguson left on a high note with a final league title and no one wanted him to leave.

Wenger left with us in 6th place and an utterly embarrassing final season and everyone couldn’t wait for him to leave.

Why anyone would want to think back to what Wenger would do right now is incredible


I don’t believe any one is. We’re just discussing whether the new boss isn’t/is much better than the old boss.


I’m aware.

But it’s still something different after 22 years and it’s pretty naive to just expect that people will forget it. Will always be compared to Wenger.


We pretty much seem exactly the same side as we were under Wenger, hopefully I’m seeing some improvements in another 10 games time.


Like Calum wouldn’t compare Emery with Wenger if Emery had won against City & Chelsea.
Heck there were statements like ‘Wenger side would not have come back from 2-0 down’ etc during Chelsea match.
It works both ways.


Quite true. And rightly so.


Stop being stubborn and start Torreira next game


Early days or not the defence has to improve very quickly. Torreira has to come in and give us a modicum of control and build some sort of effective cover in the middle.
Best thing we are seeing off the new manager is a bit more bite and reaction after giving goals away. We dug that one out today and im clinging to that.
Weve got a damaged goods squad of players though, and where carrying a lot of dross that are not going to improve as much as some may have hoped under a new manager.