UK General Election | December 2019

Here we go again!

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lol, ya’ll so crazy!!

This is a bit strange now. I normally vote Labour and believed there’s no way Corbyn could compete in a Brexit election, but is this even a Brexit election now?

I think the current outcome is acceptable enough for the English, and the Brexit offering is going to be Boris implementing the deal or Corbyn implementing the deal with a footnote about workers rights and probably a pointless second vote on it, so I guess that kind of makes it a non issue.

I think Boris will get his majority in the end though. He’s won himself a few elections already and isn’t going to screw it up like May did.

Maybe Labour can inspire some with stuff like the green new deal and reduced working hours but it’s probably not going to be enough.

Corbyn is actually a good campaigner and connects with people quite well.
Just gotta hope he can gain enough momentum and highlight the devastation being caused by cuts off this government.

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Will be voting Labour unless the SNP do some proper convincing about a concrete plan for IndyRef 2.

Sick of their shite tbh

Could well be a disastrous campaign for Labour, shipping votes from the left to the Lib Dems and the right to the Brexit Party.

No sympathy here tho, Corbyn’s brought it on himself and the chickens have come home. If only they could’ve ousted him some time ago and replaced him with an actual vertebrate.

I’ll be wasting a vote in a safe-ish Tory seat, but it won’t be to 2nd placers Labour anymore

I fail to see any politician in uk politics connect with anyone at all, corbyn was all hype on twitter like 4 years ago because students are fucking idiots but that’s about it.

God look at the choices we have Its almost as bad as trump or Clinton.

Corbyn has played this horribly as the opposition party leader, some how the tories. Who pretty much died at the hands of Theresa May/gove/boris, look as if they’re going to win a majority …that’s fucking mad honestly.

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Yeah it’s fucking mad when there’s donation bags in most supermarkets and where all walking past people sleeping in doorways everyday. But hey that’s people for you.

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Ohf, that post would look so good on twitter. I’m not and never would advocate that, not what my post was saying, but to imply that’s a new thing since the tories and corbyn would fix that is eh.

Okay everyone has their reasons or policies they want implemented.
I just think the before mentioned has a better chance of improvement under Corbyn as well as number of things important to me. Trade union rights, pensions and private firms being checked and so on.

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This election won’t solve anything. There still won’t be a majority government by the end off it an we still be waiting for a resolve to brexit.

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It definitely feels like the biggest election in my life time and probably the most difficult one to predict.

Much depends on how Boris can eat into the brexit party vote and if Labour can defend their seats against the Lib Dems. Can’t see Labour doing as well in this election tbh…

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Why IS Boris pushing for an election?

He leads a minority government and going forward he’s going to lose vote after vote and look like an idiot. Also where he’s sacked 10 MPs that’s probably an easy chance to get 10 new Tory MPs that like him in.

He probably also fancies his chances that Labour can’t reproduce the hype of 2017 and he can do better than May.

I think he’s basically got nothing to lose and I think he’ll win easily because he’s already done the groundwork.

His austerity is over narrative is going to seriously damage Labour’s biggest target, and then he can just fall back into scaring people about socialism which is always a winner.


I can’t see any overhaul winner in this election. I think both the Tories and Labour will still be the biggest parties but will have to go into coalition to govern with Lib Dems or the Brexit party which will get about 12 seats imo.

I personally would hate to see his house building vision implemented. I’m a carpenter and I work on big sites building houses

Currently 20% of houses are HA.

I’m trying to imagine the effect forcing builders to build 50% HA, making them lose their profit margin, taxing them higher and encouraging unskilled freedom of movement. Whilst at the same time getting rid of the “Faux Self Employed” all of it just seems like a dead set way if killing the building industry and the trades.

Ontop of that increasing the costs of house building even more by enforcing more and more eco and strict rules. It’s just a shit show honestly.

I live in Colchester in the south east and it’s one of the fastest growing towns in england, I’m constantly in work on massive sites but he wants to double house building down here, I just dont see it happening with material shortages and everything like that.

Ontop of that because of I live in the south east his awful garden tax would damage me financially 100%

Why are houses which are more eco friendly, a bad idea? Sounds like a winning policy to me.

The Conservatives will gain a small majority government, but even if they don’t, they’ll enter into a pact with the Brexit Party to give them effective control in “just get(ting) it done”.

Lib Dems and SNP who triggered this whole thing will do very well for themselves but Lib Dems will remains largely ineffectual, with the Remainer vote split everywhere.

Labour I predict is going to get savaged vs 2017. Both in vote share and particularly in seats. At least it will hasten the end for Corbyn tho and they can get a competent and principled leader into start the fightback

Its all of it put together mate, it’s not a bad thing by its self I was trying to saying forcing all.of this on a building trade in a small time frame would cripple it. Houses are already built to a really good standard in terms of eco in my opinion

The prevalence of food banks and donation points at supermarkets is quite a new thing under the Tories though, and Labour would strengthen the welfare state, which would make a dent in the problem.