UK General Election announced for 8th June


Sunderland is always the first, right? Labour’s stronghold.


Sunderland always race to be first, usually about 11pm their results come in. Then there will probably be a steady stream from about 1am.

When we know who has won is anyone’s guess. Depends how close it is. In 2015 the declaration came at 5.45am but if it’s a Tory landslide it’ll be earlier.


In Ireland we don’t even start counting until the following day.


I expect the exit poll yo be released shortly after 22:00, perhaps 22:15 or so. That’ll give a pretty clear picture as to how the night will go.

The first result will probably be around midnight, usually from 23:45. The first expected calls ar2 from pretty key seats that were largely leave but Labour marginals. After the first 10+ the picture will be clearer. Depends after that if you still fancy watching haha


#VoteLabour rocks on Twitter!


Only 15 minutes left. It feels like an Arsenal game :cry::fearful::grimacing:


Oh shit the exit poll is at 10! So we should have a rough idea of what will be in a few minutes then…

Yeah, @shamrockgooner I was wrong with my above post :laughing: BBC just said Sunderland or Newcstle may declare at about 22:45. All the interesting ones will be from midnight mind


FFS! Nervous right now :hipster:


Shit bbc exit polls say no majority!


I dont know what yous are on about it will be a Tory landslide, 50+ seats.

Tory approx 40%, Labour around 30%.

Not getting hopes up. That’s my prediction.



Hung parliament!?




Why the fuck do they put ukip on the fucking polls. Haven’t they only ever won one seat?


Tim Farron’s got a big decision to make :santi2:


Oh my god, If it’s anything like that exit poll then Corbyn has done a remarkable job.


I expect the polls to have undrtestimated the Tory vote, but fuck me that’s put the cat amongst the pigeons.


Wait what?!?!?!?!

Wtf happened to the SNP?!?.

Well whatever hung parliament?!?!


When are the first results come out?