UK General Election announced for 8th June


The political elite are so grosslly out of touch with the people.


Jeremy is a gooner as well! :mustafi:


What happened to the Snp? I see they are predicted to have 34, how many less is that?

Also, it must be said IF this is correct, then politics has returned to Britain after decades of Balirism and Cameron. Hallelujah.


So Corbyn can still be PM if this is this actual result. Incredible!


An italian website says Lab and Con are tied 40-40.


How accurate is a exit poll or is it just the media trying to predict what the outcome will be?



Wtf are the orange bags they are bringing into the count centre in Newcastle?


Their accuracy is rather limited, but they spot general trends. So we could probably say that at the least conservatives will not have as big a majority as they wished if they even get a majority.



Tied in 76 seats. That’s what i read on Twitter.


I am reading a typical Labour win in Sunderland. But not official yet.


Newcastle coming up… let’s see any pattern occurring. Need a big lab vote here



Libdem 1811
Cons 9109
Lab 24700!


Up 2,000 odd! Could be a good sign of high Labour turnout. All about them marginals tho


Labour take the early lead!! :smile:


Lol apparently the exit poll expected Labour to have a bigger con > lab swing in Newcastle.

Fucking hell this is going to be a long and topsy turvy night…


Lab up to 10% in Newcastle compared with 2015.


Exit polls overshooting Labour…


Yeah I think in key marginals the UKIP to Tory vote will be fundamental.

One benefit of Brexit is the end of UKIP. Thank god.