UK and Ireland to host Euro 2028

England never play at the Emirates because of Wembley and West Ham’s free stadium (cunts), but I always assumed we’d get some games at an international tournament.

But they’ve skipped us and arw happy to use Tottenham’s stadium, presumably because it’s so new.

Also, we’ll have no chance of hosting without first banning homosexuality, women’s rights, public alcohol consumption and items of clothing showing ankles


Probably a good shout if we want an orderly tournament held in England. Though I’m sure everyone will just be drinking in Big Keith’s hotel room so probably won’t work.

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I’d be amazed if we got anywhere near hosting something after the Euro 2020 final.


Surprised we’re going after the Euro’s and not the WC. Would’ve thought getting one would hamper the other for a decade or so.

Maybe they’re thinking 2028 Euros (hopefully goes smoothly) and 2038 WC. I don’t think we had any chance in 2030 anyway, reckon the South American bid will get it.

UEFA is less corrupt than FIFA.


We bid for every world cup. Princes William and Becks been working overtime for nothing. It makes sense to throw in the towel and go far a Euros.

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No chance after that Wembley final in 2021.

A one off. Same can be said for the debacle at the champions league final in Paris last year, which was arguably far worse than what happened at wembley.


Would love to know how it could be evidenced it was a one off.

Based on all the other events hosted at wembley/football stadia around the country that go ahead without problems?

None of them have England in a major final. If England were in a major final on home soil again the same thing would happen.

I also vividly recall @Cristo describing the experience of supporting England’s opposition at such a tournament. Best for the tournament if it were elsewhere.

Give the final to Wales and it’s a better bid.



England fans are fucking louts.

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Any joint bid would have to accept the final being played at the home of football

How many fucking home games do you need.

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England could easily go it alone so no doubt this is how it will play out.

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