UEFA Nations League

oh ffs why are we doing applause for the queen when the national mourning is over and we are playing a country at war. Embarrassment

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Least we got revenge back from June :joy:

That second half performance was excellent.

Massive game Saturday now against Ireland which I will be at Hampden for, looking forward to it. Win that and we could have one foot in the Euro 2024 playoffs already :raised_hands:

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Late to the party but fucking Depay has 42 goals for Holland?

Just seen that he scored 17 in 16 games in 2021 against mainly shite opposition. Stat padded to fuck.

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Gakpo on the end of a lovely team goal.

Poland - Holland 0-1!

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France takes the lead through Mbappe. The Austrian goalkeeper dives out of the way of the shot. Nice

0-2 Holland!

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Goal for Giroud!

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2 more to go


Monstrous headed goal

Absolutely flattened Lienhart

Eriksen :grin::grin::grin:

Oh ffs haha

What’s happened to Turkey’s youthful new generation? Looked promising for a while now completely falling.


they had nobody good since Altintop brothers and Sahin

When do these Nations league SF and F take place ?

Next June

Given his record in the World Cup, he better get those goals in the next game else he might never get there :arteta:


Glasgow Central full of the Irish @shamrockgooner good atmosphere :joy:

Yea well I’m off to a family dinner. Same buzz basically :santi:


Tierney subbed off before half time injured ffs not sure what happened


My brother said it was a head knock. Panic over :joy: