UEFA Europa League

Makes me feel a bit better that we’d have had to deal with a tough fixture against Juve anyway.

We could beat them but that would be a full team thurs-sun fest and potentially fuck up the league.

Yeah, just clocked that Juve, Utd and Roma route would’ve been ours if we were through. It’s tight as it is, we would’ve been proper fucked.

City and Utd on the other hand, deary me, where are they gonna fit all those fixtures if they’re still in the FA Cup too?


Don Mikel strikes again, he didn’t want any part of that fixture list and sent agent Gabi to seal the deal.



Looking at that fixture list now, something tells me players were blasting music in the dressing room after the game.


White was probably smiling inside, lol.

Fucking frustrating game… seemed out of control the whole f*cking time… and then they score that bizarre goal (tbh that was a wonder strike - i have no idea how he generated that pace and trajectory with the ball so close to his feet)… pens is a crapshoot but we needed to be able to take care of Sporting Fucking Lisbon over two legs and not risk it…

Injuries worry the fuck out of me right now too.

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yeah that’s a pretty rough April… we are gonna need more useful depth next year to compete on more fronts.