UEFA Champions League 2016/17 1st Knockout Round Draw

12:00 UK TIME

Real Madrid
Bayer Leverkeusen
Bayern Munich

Anyone but Bayern. These cunts follow us around like a bad smell you can’t get rid of.

I’m being optimistic :relaxed:

Man City v Napoli
Benfica v Arsenal
Leverkusen v Atletico
Sevilla v BVB
RM v Monaco
Porto v Juve
PSG v Barça
Bayern v Leicester

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~40% chance of Madrid or Bayern, against which we will be big underdogs.

~40% chance of Porto, Benfica, or Leverkusen, against which we should be favorites.

~20% chance of Sevilla, which I think would be a tossup.

It would be worse if we had finished second but not by that much.


Yeah, so Real are stacked more because of us being 1 of only 5 teams they can play.

I can see Barcelona/Bayern being drawn, or Man City/Dortmund, or PSG/Atlético. Surely a fixed draw to avoid any more than one of those coming out tho.

Obviously avoid Bayern and Madrid but we’ve had some luck this season and most likely avoid them. Haven’t watched the rest of the teams a lot but it should be easy enough.

Think we’ll draw Sevilla only for me to take the train down there, with my romanticism for (watching) football fully restored, only to watch us get thoroughly outplayed, wake up the next day a few hours after my return train leaves with a raging hangover and the morbid phrase ‘fucking Aaron Ramsey in midfield’ repeating over and over in my throbbing hangoverous head.


Please! not against Nasri, anyone but Nasri.

Give us a trip to Portugal please, not fussed if its Benfica or Porto.

Leverkusen. Battle of Bottlers.


My order of preference is Benfica, Porto, Leverkusen, Sevilla, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I’d only prefer Real to Bayern because we haven’t played them for 10 years and played Bayern in each of the last 3 campaigns.

At BayArena, Leverkusen go 3-0 nil up. Cruising to victory against their timid English spiritual brothers FC Arsenal London. After the break Arsenal come out of the gates firing on all cylinders to snatch victory 3-4.

At Emirates, Arsenal go 3-0 up. Cruising to victory against their timid German spiritual brothers Bayer Leverkusen 04. After the break Bayer come out of the gates unleashing a barrage upon London the likes that haven’t been seen since 1940 to snatch victory 3-4.

Penalties. Leverkusen win because they have Germans. Arsenal have Oezil the German who couldn’t take penalties.


In agreement with those above that want Leverkusen, it’s probably our best chance of going on a run, plus, we haven’t played them in about 10 or 15 years now?

Please football gods!

Would be kinda awesome to knock out Real Madrid. But preferably later on in the tournament.

Porto, Leverkusen or Benfica please. Sevilla are quite tough, but obviously a much better draw than Real or Bayern.


Give us Real. :sanchez2: to do them another :henry2:. Apart from joke, Benfica and Leverkusen would be the best draw possible.

I want Madrid to watch everyone’s reaction.


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Spanish clubs are so lucky that they can’t get each other. Real Madrid finished second, yet their possible opponents are Arsenal, Leicester, Monaco, Napoli or Juventus. No wonder they didn’t want to win their group!


99 percent chance of going out at this stage !
If your going to win it u need to beat anyone and everyone so I dont mind who we get !

Never understood why people always say this.


Me neither. Completely disregarding every single important factor that CL progress stands for, exposure, money, confidence, pulling power, coefficient points, everything.

Clearly we want the shittiest teams we can possibly get throughout. Once we’re winning the CL comfortably like Real Madrid we can start amusing ourselves with playing difficult teams early.

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@dutchgooner Its simple mate ,we lose to anyone at theis stage ,it doesnt matter what their “STATUS” is. We played Monaco season b4 last suposedly the weakest team and they had 5 regular players out through injury, they took the piss at the Emirates !
And besides last time we played Real Madrid we won !