U21 Euro Championships 2017


How do you say “have you tried turning it off and on again” in Italian? :slight_smile:


Hai provato a spegnerlo e poi a riaccenderlo?


Is the company Livescore.com :poldi:


I wish! It would be a better work than the current one.


God awful first half from us. Czech Republic deserves the lead.
YES! 1-1! Not deserved, but i take it :smiley:
FFS Petagna! Should have scored here. I like him for his great workrate, but he isn’t a proper goalscorer.
Well, i can’t say i didn’t expect it. 2-1 Czech Republic.
3-1! Lol! Wonder goal, tbh.
3-1 Czech Republic FT. Deserved defeat. They wanted it more and we were clueless.


Germany-Denmark now. Gnabry starts again.
Balanced game so far.
Gnabry looks very good. Should have given him a better chance at Arsenal.
Denmark looks dangerous everytime they attack.
Very good first half. Fair result.


It’s all kicking off in the Mexico game. Literally.


fuck. wrong thread


1-0 Germany with Selke.
Both Germany and Denmark are much better than Italy.
Golazo Germany! No chance in hell we are gonna beat them on saturday.
3-0 FT for Germany.


Group A finishes today.
Gray! Golazo!
Slovakia up as well.
England’s defence not so good now. Poland could have scored.
No one could connect to this good low cross here, otherwise England would have probably scored the 2-0.
2-0 Slovakia.
What a save by the polish goalkeeper. Englad plays well.
Poland keeper keeping Poland in the game.
England and Slovakia leading at HT.


England controlling the game quite well.
England keeper and that finishing :cech:
2-0 Murphy. England going strong.
3-0 Slovakia. Bad championship for the holding champions.
Poland down to 10 men and penalty to England. 3-0.
Should have been 4-0 here.
3-0 FT for England. Very good display. Slovakia wins with the same result as well.


Portugal needs to beat Macedonia 4-1 or 4-0 today.


Portugal already 1-0 up. It bodes well for them.
2-0! It’s coming!
Portugal close to the third. They are gonna do it, aren’t they?
What a goal it would have been! Portugal running riot!
Spain takes the lead. Suarez.


This U21 team is way too good, it’s kinda unfair…would be a good 1st division team in a top league, much less U21.


Macedonia pulls one back. They have looked dead and buried in this first half, tbh.


You are gonna win the title for sure, my gazpacho boy :wink:


Portugal and Spain up at HT.


Portugal looks to have suffered after conceding. They don’t look as good as they were in the first 40 minutes.
But now they score the third!
Neves is missing some absolute sitters.
Portugal is becoming nervous. Just 13 minutes+injury time to score another important goal.
That’s it. Bye bye Portugal. 3-2 Macedonia.
Close to the 4th.
What a crappy goal! 3 misses, the 4th scores! 4-2!
Good cameo from Jota. Off!
Portugal are out.


So Italy-Germany today. We need a miracle to go through. Not gonna happen with such a poor team.


I see you’ve greased the officials well. :ramsey: