U21 Euro Championships 2017


1-0 Poland against Sweden.
Almost 2-0. Sweden not in the game so far.
Poland is controlling the game without any problem.
Offside and dive, lol!
Poland should take advantage of Sweden’s crap first half.
Well, awesone defence by Poland here! 1-1!
That’s it. Poland just too mentally weak. 2-1 Sweden.
2-1 Sweden at HT. Poland did everything: scored and cocked up.


Good chance for Poland to equalize.
Not a great game in this second part.
Yawn. Falling asleep now.
Poland just missed the 2-2.
Penalty to Poland. 2-2. Too little, too late.
Getting interesting in Group A now. England absolutely needs a win to secure the first spot.


I hate Poland so much, the late goal cost me £93


id be lost without you @Luca_from_Italy


Cheers mate! :wink:


he’s our very own SSN


f*ing hell - thought the Swedes took the 3 points… damn it. Looks like dodgy pen in injury time. Have to admit that Kownacki looks a tricky customer.

Swedes have an interesting young team but missing on or two gems.


You are almost out now.


That’s what I like to hear, I was just about to ask Luca how Kownacki looked last night aswell, all I seen was he got Motm

He’s surely gotta be one of the players we’re looking at in this tournament.


The 2-2 non-existent conspiracy still hurting? :jakey:


Kownacki is going to Sampdoria.


Serbia leading Macedonia at HT.


What a stupid handball! Penalty to Macedonia! 1-1.
Golazo Macedonia! 2-1! It looked deflected, tbh.
What a chance for Serbia! Great end to the game!
2-2 FT. Both teams are basically out. Now Portugal-Spain.


Bellerin is playing :wink:
Would have been a great goal if he had hit the ball better.
Cancelo playing well.
Nice cross by Bellerin here. Both teams going strong on the flanks atm.
Portugal hits the post!
What about a cheeky bid for Cancelo? :giroud3: He looks so good.
So undeserved. 1-0 Saul.
Spain could still concede. Good reaction by Portugal.
Portugal’s defence not good again here. Nice game overall though.
Oh Sandro so close!
Nice through ball for Portugal. Should have shot immediately.
1-0 Spain at HT. Portugal the better team, Spain the most dangerous one.


Bellerin you fucker! Should have shoot, instead of passing.
Nice shot here! Just too straight at the keeper.
That move deserved a goal by Portugal. Lovely!
2-0 Ramirez. Portugal doesn’t deserve it.
Game on! 1-2!
Suarez on.
Asensio wasn’t good today.
Some goal by Williams here. 3-1 and game over.


You should work for Sky Sports News :slight_smile:


Better than my current shit work :wenger2:


Can relate :xhaka:


@Luca_from_Italy and @GunnerGirl what do you both work as?


Technical support in a company. I basically spend all the time on the telephone :xhaka: