U21 Euro Championships 2017


Spain beat Macedonia 5-0. Asensio’s hattrick.


Asensio shouldn’t be allowed to play at this level :smile::clap:


i remember thinking the same about Thiago, truely beyond his years and hugely stood out.

But then again so did Sanogo! :blush:




Dahoud and Gnabry start for Germany.
Gnabry so close!
Czech Repubblic passing the ball well so far.
Gnabry very keen and active for Germany.
Oh Serge! Should have deserved the goal here!
Great goal by Meyer. 1-0 Germany.
1-0 Germany HT. Balanced game overall, with a moment of brilliance by Germany.




Serge! 2-0! Czech Republic’s defence cocked up here.
Why did we sell Serge? :xhaka: He looks so good.
Gnabry so hot today.
Nice penalty saved by Czech Republic goalie here.

2-0 FT for Germany. C’mon Italy now!


Calm the fuck down Conti!


How are Denmark doing tiramisu boy?


Getting very physical, you danish biscuit.


We need to wake up a little bit. It’s not gonna be a walk in the park.
Berardi fucking shit so far.
Nice try Conti!
Denmark is fucking dirty. They are making it very difficult for ourselves.
Wow Benassi! What a hit! Great save!
Our midfield is non-existent today.


Kinda feel bad for Donnarumma. With all the abuse he’s getting it’s easy to forget he only 18, his mind and maturity is still developing. Must not be easy to deal with the expectations from grown Milan fans. I just hope he has a solid support structure around him, so he can deal with negative aspects of his decision.


LOLLLLLL! They have thrown dollars against Donnarumma!


Crap game though. Denmark did well with their physicality, while we were too greedy.
Christ Gagliardini, you Inter fucker! Almost costed us a goal.
Petagna is a real fighter.
Chiesa on.
Can’t believe how poor we have been in the middle today.
Good save by Dollarumma.
2-0 Petagna. Thanks god game over.
Good win, but our play must improve.


Now that we need a replacement for Cazorla, I think Ceballos could do it. He has been running the game for Betis the whole season and is a gem that may be signed for the cheap.

Sole concern is that he doesn’t seem to be of the intelligent kind and could end up like Jose Antonio Reyes. Also Real Madrid has been after him for a while.


Heard good things about him. Is he really so good?


England losing against Slovakia! :arteta:
Nice header for the goal, tbh.


Good chance for Redmond. Good save.
Lucky goal for England. They could only score in this way.
England looks much better in this second half.
So England takes the lead. They have been quite good in the second half.


Dick Law and the new contract man Hussein Fahmy are in Poland for the U21 Europe Cup. :eyes:


A good England wins in the second half.