U21 Euro Championships 2017


Yeah, it wasn’t offside. You look so much better than us :santi:


We play better football, too. :per:
Nah, mate. I don’t really care about this tourney. Basically all the good players are at the Confed Cup, so this is a total Mickey Mouse team.


Yeah, you didn’t even invent it :coq:


We look terrible.




Finally a good chance for us. About time!
Denmark up! Good result for us.
Czech Republic equalizes immediately.
TORRRRRR and then fight! A bit casual though :smiley:


Haha, how Italy get out of this with one single yellow? :joy:


Berardi is going to get sent off for sure.
2-1 Denmark!
Bernardeschi booked as well.
Bernardeschi too greedy here. We have slightly improved after the goal.
1-0 to us HT. Our goal was a bit lucky and our play was still a bit dire. We are fighting at least.


2-2 Czech Republic.
Boring game in the second half.
Good save by Germany keeper here.
Denmark takes the lead again.
Bernardeschi with a touch of class here. Conti should have scored.
Fair play to Bernardeschi today. He is playing well.
4-2 Denmark!
We are through! Couldn’t believe we could do it :smiley:


Semi finals on Tuesday :grimacing: The last time England’s U21s played Germany’s U21s in 2009, these were the line-ups. Özil scored and we lost 4-0…


We’re playing ze Krauts? Revenge… :sanchez2:

(That England team is so shite. :joy: Lost 4-0 but also drew 1-1 to ze Germans in the same tourney)


Good. England to get thrashed and we got that paella boys in our pocket. Easy :wink:


Italy vs. Spain today. Such an uphill task!


Quote of the tournament from young Donnarumma


Nice one Gigi :xhaka:


Germany-England starts in 30 minutes.


England all over Germany in the first 20. Stonewall penalty not given too. Poor defending by the Germans thus far.


krauts getting a toe hold now


oi oi

1-1 now come on boys


Even game!