Now that he is a relevant figure, his actions won’t be shrugged away as mere comic relief.

He is going to be scrutinized, worshipped and engaged in Twitter War.
I like to be aware of all of that.

Keep us updated @BigWeng_4LYFE @morrisc311 and other American members.


Grab them by the Pussy !

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Does Trump watch women’s underwear from an hidden camera?

First Tweet as President.

The Simpsons called it in 2000… :neutral_face:

Earlier this year Simpsons creator Matt Groening told The Guardian they used Trump because he was “the most absurd placeholder joke name that we could think of”.


Debunked a while back I’m afraid

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There’s a tweet from The Donald back in 2010 or something about how the electoral college system is rigged, being retweeted at the moment.



People in the streets protesting in New York, Chicago, Portland, and a few other spots.

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Yeah, read about it. It’s gonna be hell for 4 years.

Nah. It will die down eventually. We in the Western world have it to good to do that kind of thing for the long term.


Democracy is never democracy for losing liberals :wenger2:


Trump would have never accepted to lose to Clinton, tbf. He said it.

Because of the consequences these things could have. This election can lead to the reversel of the right for lgbtq to marry for example or take the right away of woman to decide over their own bodies (abortion), depending on the supreme court judges appointed by Trump. Which is preposterous in 2016 in a so-called modern ‘free-country’.

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I’m proud to live in a country of undercover racists. But seriously, it has to be worse than places like Poland and Russia where the black footballers get bananas thrown at them and it’s out in the open. Over here you don’t know who you can trust anymore.

A lot of people thought that same thing about World War I before it happened.

It is in a way. Poland and Russia are fairly homogeneous countries where multicultural and multiracial societies are fairly new things. That goes for most of the Eastern European countries. Less tolerence in those regions could be expected I guess. You would expect more from a country like the USA.

Not anymore lol! The pressure is off I’m goin Trumpin’ tonight! Protect those pussies ladies!