I really doubt that a majority of people went out to vote just because they like that Trump is racially insensitive. Tell me about where you live and the attitudes of people out there. I live in California, and a lot of my customers are Syrian. They all wanted Trump, and they could care less about the social aspect of things. I have a lot of Argentinian business owners that are clients as well and they were all overwhelmingly supporting Trump.

Really how many legal rights have been reversed in the last 100 years? To say that is just scaremongering the very tactic politicians use to get liberals to fear any thing that doesn’t fall in line with they views.

And why shouldn’t they charge woman for abortions? In America a woman can point at any man and he’s is stuck paying child support for a child he never wanted or fathered.

And if they identify as liberals the would have stayed clear of Clinton and trump in the first place.

At the end of the day people care only about their own and their wallet I guess. Trump = lower taxes probably for (small) business.

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Everything is scaremongering, isn’t it?

The second paragraph makes no sense at all. So because woman can enforce child support from random man, they shouldn’t have the right to decide over their own bodies?

What is actually scary is how backwards conservatives and religious people can be.

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Thing is though, I would say parts of the U.S are just as extreme as some of the worst parts of the Middle East, it’s just they exist within a modern democracy that kind of hides it, or stymies it.

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If you charge women for abortions then that will result in even more men being stuck paying for babies they never wanted because the pregnant woman couldn’t afford the abortion. Great logic.

These women who can’t afford abortions probably can’t afford to raise their babies either, creating further burden on the welfare state.

Forcing people who can’t afford babies to have babies is a bad idea.


Trump was moaning that the elections weren’t democratic before the election, so I’m sure if he had have lost he would be the one that would be the one that would have been whinging.

There’s nothing worse than a losing Republican.


Syria = ally of Russia = want Trump
Business owners = immediate 20% bottom line improvement due to Trump tax cuts

But it is; everything that is unknown in the political arena some how gets a negative spin.

You talk about conservative and religious people! Liberals as bad, seriously have you not noticed; the hyper or fundamentalist part to every one of those ideologies.

It’s funny how it was eluded to that the republican gained more women voters and well as blacks and Latino’s, as well as the upper class of America; and a significant number of them were educated.

With that being said the democrats have die a lot worse to the people of America but it’s fine, they allowed gay marriages so we can ignore everything else :facepalm:

Vote rigging has happened before; so he has a justifiable reason to say that.

It’s free :wenger2:

Early parenting in America offers free abortions; yet you get men having to accept responsibility for children they don’t want nor fathered. Yeah charging is a bit much but nonetheless something needs to be done about that aspect.

I don’t support trump; nor Hilary I was for Jill and Bernie

What are you actually suggesting here? Pleaee spell it out for me.

Moaninho :wenger:

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Yep, Bush fucking Gore up. Surprise surprise it was a republican :expressionless:

The way the justice system deals with fathers and mothers and parenting shouldn’t be biased; it needs reforming to take punitive action against woman who lie to get money; need to find access whether that child was planned or wanted by both parties before any child support is issued or at least access whether the father is just being a cunt. As it stands now men a just suffering.

What has any of that got to do with women deciding (for whatever reason) to have abortions?

Also your plan would just mean more parents abdicating their duties (honestly your honour she told me she was on the pill). Planned or not once a child exists tough shit, thats your responsibility.

The democrats has taken Americans in to more wars than the republicans…

The democrats filibustered the civil rights bill; they brought back Jim Crow laws, block the reform of the 14th amendment; tried to stop the emancipation proclamation (civil war happened) war on drugs; 3 strikes rule, the failed health reform, destruction of welfare, deregulation of Wall Street (those fuckers that cause the economic crash).

What’s the difference between she was on the pill! and he is the father?

And no if a child is brought in to the world you did not want and you made it clear you did not want it before it was born! Why should you bare the burden of it? Why should you pay out of your ass for something you didn’t want, when that same women could got to a clinic and abort it for free even if you wanted it.

So it’s fine for men to suffer with no choice but women can have the choice to have the kid a pick a father wrong or right with. I repercussion. Not only that use that said child to hurt the man financially because he didn’t want her nor the child; honestly it’s like woman can do anything and a man has to fall in line and suffer in silence :facepalm: