Trolling on Social Media

I tend to think Arsenal players with all their millions don’t give 2 shits about our opinions


I was conflicted on that a while ago with Lacazette. People were going hard at him after a match and he blocked a fan account which also wasn’t kind to his performance.
The fan apologized to him and then shared a snapshot of the convo.
I genuinely felt bad when I saw that because I remembered that many of these guys are on their phones all day and may end up seeing shit about them.

It really isn’t that uncommon for athletes to be lurking around forums or social media platforms searching for what people say about them.
I have listened to wrestling podcasts before where wrestlers mentioned that they have various Google alerts in place to get notified when people mention them.

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Also I bet Roy Keane would be more critical of his colleagues than anyone on a forum

Wait till they get a ‘Nice Reply’ Badge, they will start giving more than 2 shits.

If Xhaka is reading this;

You’re a cunt.


Leaving nothing to chance eh? :joy:

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Decided today I’m gonna do a Henry and take a break from social media. Saw some racist douche bag on Twitter earlier, reported the tweet, Twitter received the report and didn’t even take down the tweet. When the social media company is just as big a problem as the racists out there, I don’t want no part of it.


A 49 year old man!