Transwomen Participating in Female Sports

Like I say, you can stop pretending now.

Who’s pretending?
I’ve never claimed I was defending women’s rights.

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Some don’t understand the difference between protecting rights and standing against absurdities, the trans women in sport is the absurdity that people are standing against

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Bit of a domino effect happening.

It’s like they were waiting for one of them to do it first

In the same way that men are banned from Women’s sports?

Some of the people making the most noise about this include Sharon Davies and Martina Navratilova, people I doubt will stop caring about women’s rights after this.

I wasn’t talking about them

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There’s just so much more at play than just “testosterone” limit.

It’s just such a stupid way to judge whether someone who is biologically a male should be able to compete with a woman.

It’s unfair on so many levels.

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You’ll never get rid of unfairness in some sports.

And on the other side of the coin I bet it wouldn’t take long to find a lunatic describing any limitation on transgender participation in elite sport of any kind as “transphobic”

There’s no settling this argument, they might as well have gone for the outcome that prevented people biologically male from participating in female sports, which from a sporting perspective, is the outcome in the interests of competition.

The authorities who allow this nonsense are going to be responsible for women walking away.

We’ll get to a situation in women’s sport where the podium will have only men standing on it.

Absolutely ridiculous how biological men can compete in women’s sport by changing their sex


Absolute shit show. Who knew that women’s biggest barrier to fairness and equality in 2023 would be transgender women.


They’re not even real women so how they can compete with other women is astonishing to me


The importance all societies place on sport means it’s become a battle ground for cultural issues. You can’t escape political posturing anywhere anymore. I get enough of this shit in the rest of my life. Listening to uninformed people forming opinions about things they couldn’t possibly understand to win less than insignificant internet points. The whole thing is just depressing and nothing will change, because the change that’s needed is for people to shut the fuck up and listen. People’s opinions are waaaay too precious for that.

There’s nothing “cultural” about a man pretending to be a woman in order to win money and trophies that he’d never won competing against other men.

It’s called cheating the system.


What’s difficult to understand?? Trans women are not women. It’s really really simple. They are not biological women and therefore should not compete in sports against biological woman.

It’s absolute insanity that anyone could think it’s ok for trans women to play in sports against biological women.


The rule should be, if you have a cock, you compete with the men :slight_smile: