Transwomen Participating in Female Sports

It is but the risk is mitagated by weight classes, different organisations etc. A female fighter with testosterone in the system imbalances the situation hugely. There has been a transgender woman in mma who has cracked cheekbones and I believe even the skull of an opponent.

I don’t have specifics as I’m a boxing fan not mma.

The core issue to me seems to be that trans women essentially represent a third category of person. That is sort of the point behind moving beyond the traditional gender binary.

The ideal solution then is to have a separate third class of sporting competition. That’s obviously not pragmatically feasible for most sports because there aren’t enough trans athletes (plus costs involved). But perhaps as the number of trans people grows, it will at least be possible in certain kinds of competition like running and swimming.

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Might as well call it a blanket ban

BBC Sport


Fina has voted to prevent transgender athletes competing in women’s elite races if they have gone through any part of the process of male puberty.

3:27 PM - 19 Jun 20224.2K540

The amazing thing about this statement is that it had to go to a vote.
It’s quite simple, there are mens sports and women’s sports and just because a man identifies as, or pretends to be, a woman, doesn’t mean he is.

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You can’t seriously mean this? They are a governing body introducing a rule change. That can only happen with a vote.

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What’s the alternative? Some sports dictator who imposes their will onto people? :slight_smile:

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As much as I agree with the outcome it’s basically just democracy 101.

I mean why do you need to vote on something that is so obviously ridiculous.

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Again…are you serious…it’s a governing body changing their rules. That can only happen with a vote. What don’t you understand?

If you’re saying that the rules have been changed to stop men competing in women’s sport, then I’m saying that’s a ridiculous situation to be in because a man shouldn’t have been allowed to compete as a woman in the first place.

It was a loophole that they closed.

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Yea doesn’t matter. That was the situation and they could only change it with a vote.

A loophole that shouldn’t have been there.
It’s such an unnecessary waste of time and money on something so obviously wrong in the first place.

If only we could predict future cultural shifts.

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Cultural trends are difficult enough to predict but I don’t think anyone saw gender shifting being such a worldwide trend.

John money shifted it from being associated with language to expression now people are blurring the lines of expression and sex

I think once that is confirmed it basically covers off any sports where this even comes up and the people who make all the noise about this can stop pretending that they care about women’s rights.

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It’s called fairness and it should never have got this far.

Anyone defending men pretending they’re women just to win at a sport should be ashamed.