Transfer Wishlist

I definitely didn’t Google what they were! Not on my wishlist, but I’d take a plate on a Bosman at the end of June.

Them ballz r fuckin’ amazin.

Just in the sense that we/they always come back inside. We arent a get down the line and cross it style of team are we. Tierney does it but only when we are desperate for something to happen.

Dont get confused with my saying the word “wide”, as yes they do stay wide, but when the ball comes to them their first instinct is to come inside and play centrally.

Your first post where you said the below, I think they are more inside forward types, they dont stay wide to then take on a player, get to the byline and cross the ball.

This kid is something else.


He’s a talent. Does he still belong to PSG?

I’d have him here no qualms.

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Lol what does it mean ‘knocks Ajax out the ucl’ they were never in the UCL unless psv lost and Ajax won.

Psv won and Ajax lost :rofl:

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They have a buy-back clause of €10m I believe, which is valid until summer 2024.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if he declined that if the likes of us came knocking.

Rumours SMS is available for €26m, we should be all over it, good value regardless of what the wages would be.

Will allow us to sign 2 quality midfielders and still have much needed budget elsewhere for CF, RB, CB, (RW?), LB if Tierney goes

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That would be a fantastic signing. Think we’d need a youngster as well to supplement it (Caicedo, Simmons, Sangare, Onana, Gravenberch, Sangare).

Partey, Rice, Jorginho, SMS, El Nenny, Prospect, Vieira, Odegaard is Champions League ready.

No way??

Gotta ask why, if that is true. Few years back the quotes were for ridiculous amounts. I don’t watch serie A much at all but seen comments from people that do saying he’s not that same player.

Right, the season is over and I’m ready to get my Edu on. It’s also half-term so this will be a lazy day.

In: Cancelo (40m), Rice (80m), SMS (30m), Onana (45m), Vlahovic (50m). 245m

Out: Okoronko (5m), Soares (free), Holding (15m), Tierney (35m), Tavares (15m), Xhaka (15m), Lokonga (25m), Patino (10m), Nelson (free), Pepe (10m), Nketiah (30m), Balogun (30m plus sell on and buy back clauses). 190m

*edit forgot about AMN add another 10m

I refuse to put ESR out on the wishlist but it might be good for all parties.

Our back up team


Cancelo (left back), White (right back) and Jesus (cf) would be in my strongest team.

He’s the truth


Great finish there too; still had a lot of work to do there.

Outside foot through ball… reminds of Joe Willock’s from a few weeks ago.

Really want both Rice and Caicedo in now, would revolutionise our team. With Xhaka going and them two coming in, plus ESR returning to full fitness our options are going to be much better

I want a striker, we need a striker IMO, the Juve guy, Vlahovic would be perfect.

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I just can’t understand how the club would spend £180m on two midfielders. I just don’t see it.


I think Xhaka going has confirmed we need 2, maybe 3.
With Partey also potentially adopting the inverted RB role its clear we need midfielders through the door.

Its a lot of money, but we have CL football now and Edu and Mikel must know they need to raise the level of this squad.

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Edu and Arteta were midfielders, I’m sure that they see the importance.

70m on Vieira, Lokonga and Jorginho hasn’t worked so time to double that up on Rice and Caicedo.

Lokonga, Xhaka, Patino and AMN can claw back about a third of that 150m outlay.