Trainers/Sneakers/Crepz/Kickz Thread

Fucking hiking boots smh

Look at these bad boys Jakey, don’t they just get you all revved up


I’ll be honest, would probably rock them over those fucking Slazengers that got posted right at the start of the thread :joy:

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Those are just Jordan 2s with a more intense sole. Love that.

@JakeyBoy I broke down and bought a pair of those blue 3s. They look pretty versatile.

I really want the Air Ship PE blue that are dropping on Wednesday but I’m assuming bots will ruin all the raffles.

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Damn, the Wizards were just sitting like that in the US?!

They didn’t sell out immediately, but within a few hours all the most popular, non-hobbit sizes were gone on Nike.

Just had a look on Nike and they are still available in UK sizes 4 to 7, which is exactly how it looked on release day after a few hours.

I always used to have such a chip on my should about not being 6’2 with size 10 feet or whatever, but I’m actually so thankful for my size 6/7 feet and size S in clothing as it usually means I can always get the clothes that I want and most of the time I can even get them on sale as well.

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My barber has one of the best trainer collections going, he’s always wearing absolute fire, and it hurts me every time he explains he basically paid child prices cos of his small feet, whereas I’m paying vastly more for the same thing. The difference in availability too, like you say. I wear a 10 or 10.5 and they sell quickly.

Another advantage to small feet here is that women’s releases go up to a 9.5, there have been loads of really nice trainers exclusively released in women’s sizing that other guys can buy while I can’t.

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Haha yeah that is pretty nifty, I have small lady feet in fact the same size as my missus so I can often wear here Vejas/Allbirds etc. when I need to.

Had never thought about specifically buying womens versions of the shoes I want if they’re sold out in men’s though, that’s genius. I do sometimes buy womens t-shirts etc in America though because a male US Small is like a European M or even L sometimes whereas their women’s sizing is a bit more reasonable :joy:

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Size 7 or 6.5 depending on the trainer here as well.

I’ve never wanted bigger feet tbh. Some of the bigger sizes look like boats lol


I need to be mindful of this, even at size 10. If the trousers are too skinny/fitted, and the trainers are a bit too bulky, my feet end up looking ridiculous attached to the ends of my long skinny legs lol.


Stop skipping leg day!

Also, yes the Wizards are sitting at retail sites. Kith had basically the whole sizing run available. Idk if it’s because there was a staggered release here or what but they’re really nice.


My wife sent me this :grin:


Anyone staying up late (US time) to see if they hit on the AJ1 Washed Black/Grey?

I have so many black and grey sneakers but these look absolutely sensational.

Update on these. Not amazingly waterproof. A very light but rugged hiking boot and relatively comfortable for all day use. I haven’t had to get ‘proper’ insoles and went with what Merrell have supplied and they have been comfortable enough.

Great for the summer as far as gortex hiking boots go (they sometimes make my feet sweat loads - but these have been airy tbf). Light smattering of rain/water is fine but the gortex liner can only do so much, especially where the mesh outer on parts of the boot (toebox usually) are present. I got caught in a pretty heavy downpour at one point during the ‘summer’ and it seemed to crush this boot’s soul a bit. So I had to top up the waterproofing with a spray I have for that kind of thing. I think I’ll be slipping on my thicker walled Lowa’s soon with the weather inevitably turning!

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I bought a pair of these -

I completed the national 3-peaks end of September in these - Ben Nevis was WET and boots held up really well (feet remained dry). I think these are one of, if not the best hiking boots I have owned.

I was a bit wary from the look of the sole but boot felt immediately comfortable and there was no wearing in period needed.

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Interesting - that’s really good to know as I was considering these for a while but didn’t know if they were more of a “fashion” choice

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I know nobody cares, well maybe @JakeyBoy would care, but I finally got my hands on a pair of the Jordan 1 A Ma Maniere shoes. I am terrified to wear them because it’s been just pouring down rain here lately but still, very exciting.


I care. Lets get a photo or two :+1: