Top 20 signings under Wenger


Carrying on from the Koscielny thread, where I mentioned he might be inside the top 5 of best signings under Wenger, thought I may as well start the thread and put it up for debate.

Some will be fairly obvious I suspect, but let’s hear them anyways. Might make it top 10 to allow more range of answers.


This is really quite tough because there are some magnificent players that Wenger has signed who were not here very long or underachieved. Not come up with an order but these are top ten for me:

Thierry Henry
Mesut Ozil
Patrick Vieira (not officially by Wenger but only secured because of Wenger’s imminent arrival)
Sol Campbell
Robert Pires
Cesc Fabregas
Nicolas Anelka
Jens Lehmann
Alexis Sanchez
Robin van Persie

Truth be told though, the only way to do justice to Wenger here is to have a top 25 signings list given the amount of absolute gems we’ve conjured up in his reign.


Tell you what, seeing as he’s celebrated 20 years at the club, I’ll change it to top 20 instead :slight_smile:


It is impossible to remove anyone from your list in any top 20 list I feel, so I’ll just try and add 10 more. Very difficult but I went with these ones:

Kolo Toure

Not thrilled about some missing names but you gotta follow the rules! :smiley:


Not in any order -

Patrick Vieira
Sol Campbell
Kolo Toure
Jens Lehmann
Cesc Fabregas
Van Persie
Bacary Sagna
Emmanuel Eboue
Laurent Koscielny
Mikel Arteta
Santi Cazorla
Mesut Ozil
Hector Bellerin
Alexis Sanchez
Petr Cech


This is probably just my personal favourite list more than anything and not really in any order either.

Campbell (Sol)
Van Persie


Pick your greatest Wenger team here.

This is it for me:

How good is that team! :heart_eyes:


It’s a tad unbalanced.


I was really hoping they’d have some of our awful signings available in that list so I could make a joke lineup :ramsey:

Anywho, here’s my team.

Let’s be honest, to try name a best 11 is impossible. And strictly speaking, there’s two or three players I left out just because I was trying to strike a balance, and I wanted to try and avoid having a predictable selection. Figured it be more fun to try have a mix of the old, recent and current.

For example, although Overmars was very much on the left wing during his time here, I wanted to have both him and Pires on the wings, so Marc would adapt to the right side. I probably could’ve had Vieria, but Gilberto was so hugely underrated, a real team player and such calmness in central midfield. The thought of having Ozil and Bergkamp in the same team is just :giroud2:

The other tricky position to decide was right back. Toss up between Dixon and Lauren. Couldn’t help but think just how good the original back 4 was, so having him and Adams got the nod for me. Having Adams and Kos would’ve been a really lovely combination of each other strengths and qualties they bring in central defence. Very tempting to stick Campbell in there, but then I’d have two very similar central defenders.

Cole left back was an absolute no brainer, still the best left back I’ve seen in my years as a Gooner. Nigel Winterburn though was a fine LB in his time and that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The easist decisions of the lot really were up front and goalkeepers.





If we’re talking about a Wenger XI, i’m not sure Seamo should really be considered if we’re brutally honest (consider the timings overall and the relative merits of how good the defences were infront) and Cech, while really fucking good, hasn’t been here long enough or achieved as much yet with the club.

The goaltender just HAS to be the Mad Dog himself, Jens GERHARD Lehmann.

Also for those in the UK, tune into the Football League show thing at 10pm tonight to hear Wright, Keown, Hartson (and, er, Piers Morgan :joy:) wax lyrical about Wenger.


I can see why you’d pick Jens but ruling out Seaman because his defence was really fucking good seems strange to me.



Lauren Koscielny Campbell Cole

Fabregas Vieira

Pires Bergkamp Ljungberg



So hard two pick 11 from so many great players



Shit app that, went to pick my team and couldn’t pick Diaby.


I’d say the only real disputes are probably right back, centre midfield (extremely difficult) and whether Marc Overmars gets in or not


You talked about longevity and achievements with the club regarding Cech/Lehmann. I think those two criteria only really leave two options in centre midfield in a Wenger top 20/top 11; Vieira and Silva.