Tony Adams

What? :joy:

Spurs put us out in the '91 semi

There’s a reply in the tweets asking who that is pointing at Adams in the bottom picture? I thought it was Winterburn at first but not so sure.

No shit. It just always cracks me up what people will use as “proof” that god exists.

I thought Winterburn. Could be David Hillier though.

Ahhh okay fair enough. It is funny that people think God should have a bias towards themselves or their team.

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Now just when you think Arteta is a bad Arsenal manager Billy Wright turns up and your thankful you didn’t have too endure this clowns teams.

You’re right.
A lot of people don’t realise that we were around twelve points clear in the league that season.
So to win it the way we did made it even more amazing.

I remember seeing Adams in his first season for us and he had a reputation for losing the ball while trying to dribble his way out of trouble and every time he got the ball the North Bank would shout “get rid of it” but he learned from his mistakes.

After that he was a class act and the best captain, defender and leader we’ve had.
He’s the only player to lift the league title as captain for the same club in three different decades and if anyone deserved it, he did.


Nesta on Wilford is the most immaculate slide tackle I’ve seen but I love this one from big Tone.

Gif of the tackle in the article. It’s a very good tackle haha incredible actually, makes it look so easy

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Incidentally, PL Legends: Tony Adams on Sky Sports now.

Mr Arsenal. Greatest Arsenal player I’ve seen.


We could do with some of his DNA now , we all know who made Tony Adams
King George… but then I’m biased

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I was too young to truly appreciate Adams at his peak but whenever I watch old games or clips of him I can’t see anything he couldn’t do. Calm on the ball, good passer, amazing reading, beautifully timed slide recipes.

Just seemed like a complete CB at times. Not the fastest but what a player.

When you watch players like Adams it makes the phrase “modern CB” even more infuriating to read. What’s a modern CB? Someone who can ping the ball 50 yards but also makes loads of poor defensive errors.


Know one of my favourite moments of Adams. 89 just after Thomas scores he puts a brilliant slide tackle on Ray Houghton going down the wing.
Remember jumping out my seat when he done that.
Fast forward to the CL game against them when Adebayor scores.
We over celebrate the goal. Somebody should be screaming at the players to switch on. We don’t we invite them at us and they gain the dodgy pen. I always maintain if we had Adams for those couple of minutes we would of seen it out. Small margins in big games.


Yeah, that’s basically the definition. :arteta:

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