Tony Adams

Man, he was such a great player but the guy is so clueless nowadays. Chatting shit about our team not being good enough right now on Sky Sports post-match and that Emery can’t do better with this group of players. :man_facepalming:


I’m inclined to agree partly with Adams.

Emery doesn’t teach Bellerin to pass to the opposition. He doesn’t instruct Aubameyang to stray offside. He doesn’t teach players not to head the ball. That’s all on the players and their limited intelligence levels.

What Brendan Rodgers clearly has in his favour is the language issue. Mainly English speaking players. Emery doesn’t have Spanish speaking players.

What got me thinking about Adams during the match today was our English centre back pairing (something we haven’t seen since Keown and Campbell back in 2003). If we can get a manager with a good grasp of the English language in soon, we could be onto something special defensively

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What’s he doing to correct those things though? If your players are a bit shit at passing under pressure then you need to adapt to a style that calls for less of it. If your striker is offside a lot you need to look at the reasons why and see if the game your playing can be adapted to counter that a bit. Aubas biggest problem is how long we spend pissing about with the ball at the back. He’s constantly looking to make the run but we only try find him maybe one out of ten times he is looking for it. Makes it easy to defend against.

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