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Why should AC & Aussie gather up all the pleasantries?

Where do you stand with Arteta appointment?

  • Was always the perfect candidate
  • Will end in a disaster

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I’m an Arteta loyalist, this will go splendidly.


It is of great dismay to me that one can change the vote if one decides to later.


I don’t know. I’ll judge him in 6 months I think.

There is no room for rational though process of allowing time to assess & form opinion, this thread is where you commit.
It is of greater importance than your marriage certificate.
Be a man, my dear sir.


Your devotion to your new Victorian persona (wahey!) is noteworthy.


I do certainly lose my ways quite akin to Torreira forgetting to AM as he has been a DM for so long.


Tag me when you want it closed and such things can be avoided.


I just noticed the close button on the poll.
I will close it on 1st January

Voted for disaster though. I will be very very happy if I’m wrong.


Would have preferred a few others but don’t mind we’ve taken a punt on Arteta over an ageing has been like Ancelotti on a downward trajectory.

I want to see some sort of identity in the team relatively quickly, but won’t be able to judge him properly until his 2nd full season in charge.

I don’t expect much from him, I just don’t mind him basically, like the vote says.
Tbf I’m much closer to expecting a disaster (something similar to freddie) than to expect some huge things from him, but let’s give it a shot.

It’s much better to make both statements to gully cover your arse so whichever way it turns out you can quote your predictions accordingly to prove you were right

I’m ok with it because I absolutely love Arteta and he’s a much more exciting prospect than some middle of the road coach with tired ideas like Emery.

I’d also be naive to not consider it could absolutely end in tears for both us and Arteta but lets hope that isn’t the case.

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Didn’t vote because there is no option for “The Basque God Has Finally Arrived, All That Do Not Bow Down Are Heretics”

can I take away a vote?

I don’t like voting because I feel like it will jinx things

for the record though, i think he’ll kill it :fist:

But I guess the option is ‘don’t mind’ so all good.

I’m just going to change my stance depending on where we’re at and then play it off as if that’s what I always believed like everyone else does.


3.5 years is a lot of time to invest in a guy that we’ve got no clue what he’s going to bring to the table. I think a lot of things have to be taken into account. Is Arteta going to have free reign to do what he deems necessary to make us a viable club again? Or will he be fought at every turn because the incompetent know nothings at the top rung of the ladder want to hold on to every scrap of power they can? Do his plans for the future coincide with the upper management so they can work together with a unified vision and actually accomplish their goals?

If it’s the same shenanigans from the board, then it doesn’t matter who we appoint we are always going to struggle to a certain extent, some managers would make us play a hell of a lot better with the squad we have, but as a total rebuild the club actually has to have a vision for it to work out.


Yeah I don’t disagree with any of what you’ve just said here.

Thing is with our club who ever was going to be brought in would always have to work with what they have and then hope to get a good deal in the summer transfer window. Which is why I didn’t think he would be good for the job.

The gulf between us, City and Liverpool Is so big that we would need major Financial investment and a Complete overhaul of the structure, coaches and everything else. Which is something our owners would never do.

Our board are happy with us just getting back into the top four and last 16 of the CL as that is lucrative enough for them, and for that purpose our squad (with Maybe one or two additions) is deemed adequate enough.