Timothy Castagne

Might be time to open his own rumour thread







Hoping this is some kind of sick joke. Decent wingback but awful full back.

Dont mind it.

He’d be an upgrade on Tomiyasu, who never plays anyway.

Ben White is maybe better suited to the centre.

I think it’s smart business.

He has never stood out to me as a player, good or bad.

He has lots of experience playing in the PL in a possession based team and is comfortable at both LB and RB. And I imagine he would be pretty cheap. That’s the best I can really say.


He’s so mediocre especially attacking-wise, doesn’t excel at anything

He’s just a warm body, would City or Liverpool sign him? No, I don’t think so.


French speaking, so can keep Saliba entertained. Thats about it. I guess he must have something about him being a stable in the Belgium squad.

He’d be a back up to Tomiyasu.

So he’ll be first choice backup when Tomiasyu does his hamstring from getting off his sofa

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Any back up to Tomiyasu is automatically going to get more games than Tomiyasu. :grinning:

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Tomi doesnt count as a squad member so we might aswell have 3 RBs.

He can play right and left and full back and wing back.

Castagne, Rice, Caicedo plus one more and I’m happy enough with that

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Arsenal now “going for” Castagne! They’ve made him a backup option for a low priority signing!


Transfers are the literal worst.

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Top class waffling.

Matteo Moretto confirmed Arsenal cooled their interest in Fresneda. If we wanted the guy we would’ve got hin give his cheap RC and his desire to come here.

So why would we look into a backup choice if we can get the #1 target pretty easily.
If we want Castagne it’s probably as an emergency backup of backup option due to his versatility.

For what is worth, dude is fucking shite in my opinion but I can imagine Albert playing a factor here like he did with Trossard, as he worked with both of them before.

Seems we’ll always have a place for a Cedric-esq player in the team, no matter how squad-building the fuck we get!


Can’t really say anything when I never even knew who he was.

Looks like a player in a position if need sounds good.

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A very average full back with a not so good injury record either. Thanks, but no thanks.

I thought it’d be worse. I was expecting Tierney levels

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You’re describing Tomiyasu :flushed:

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