Thomas Meunier

I really don’t think a right back should be a priority.


Imo it should be but does this leave room for the other priorities?


I do think it’s an area we have suffered hugely on this year though since Hector went out.

The consequence being everything has been coming down our left hand side with Kola and his questionable final quality

Ideally we’d buy a player for every position! But given we’re likely on a budget, we should be focusing on bringing in players for the positions we don’t have a semi capable player for.


I get you but we really don’t know what Hector’s saying when he comes back, could be set back galore.

I don’t want to see AMN at RB on a regular basis, no consistency and it’s not his position.


Seems weird with a limited budget purchasing a RB, but on the other hand I feel like upgrading our fullback options will do us more good than centre backs (regardless of my opinion of the current crop).

We are so weak defensively in the wide areas it’s not even funny. Kolasinac gets turned inside out, Monreal is done. Lichtsteiner is history, AMN is not a RB and we don’t know the state of Bellerin.

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I like the way we’re getting our business done early in the window.
Get the big marquee signings out of the way and then concentrate on the squad. :grinning:


It wouldn’t bother me at all if all we bought were defenders. It’s clearly our weakest area.

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Don’t rate Bellerin much myself but this is kind of unnecessary. Maybe Emery saying some players ‘need a new way’(A++ English) wasn’t just about Elneny, Carl and the other obvious ones.

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Reliable source



Wow, harsh :joy::joy:

They really don’t like him over the water do they? Probably doesn’t help he replaced an ousted French managerial icon :grimacing:

Would be decent backup for Bellerin. If we get him then 3-5-2 is definitely here to stay, which is good with me. Its no secret Emery loves his fullbacks.

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I used to watch that show before, that guy always spouts nonsense whether it’s Arsenal related or not, wouldn’t care less about his opinion.

So we are looking to buy Meunière for 25m which is more than half our transfer budget.

We are desperate for a winger CB, LB and several replacements for players that have left and we are looking at a RB when one of our only remaining decent players is a RB.

To top it off, he would rather play for Man U.

I know this might sound a bit controversial but I would suggest that maybe this is not such a good idea.


I choose to believe it is part of a diabolical plot to trade Bellerin for Dembele, thus sorting our wing attack problem :bellcry:


U guys seriously thinking Meunier is coming as a Bellerin back-up?
Only way this makes sense is if he is coming to replace Bellerin or play as an inverted full back from the left.