Thomas Lemar


I don’t think he’s going to be the direct replacement. They signed Yarmolenko from Dynamo Kyiv too. It’s not unlikely Sancho will be benched at least on the short term.


“It’s not you, it’s me”


Because he didn’t want to play for us :thinking:


To everyone else it’s not confusing.

The only person who is confused is Wenger.


We’re the undisputed kings of “almost finalising a deal”


We really “tried” on this transfer.
He only had the whole transfer window to sort it out so it’s not really his fault.


one of the major fucking problems with this transfer was he was on the market apparently for about 50-60m Wenger thinks that is too much waits until Monaco sells a fucktonne of their players and say lemar is not for sale’ and why would they wanna sell if they dont need to after getting tonnes of money from other sales.

Then we hear prices of £92m for fucking Lemar. If this fucking parasitic dinosaur would just PAY THE FUCKING FEE they want and stop playing fucking games he could have got him and got him far cheaper than what they were thinking of paying later on. Get so fucking sick of wenger and his pissing about on transfers i really wish he would fuck off already. He is so good at talking principals but its just an excuse and a crutch for him to lean on for not getting what we need the fucking wanker.


Seems like his acquisition and place in the starting 11 was dependant on Alexis leaving.


Just have to remember the motto that we never add players, instead only replace them - then every transfer for the last decade makes sense.


This is the reason why we can’t hold on to any top quality players we have.
If we had have bought a player like Lemar or Griezman in the window where we only bought Cech, it would have meant Ozil and Sanchez might have stayed.

It’s unbelievable that Wenger can’t see this.


Most top level football clubs have major missed deals. It just Arsenal’s which are the most publicised.

I loled at the ‘Arsenal near miss transfer XI’ you could apply the same 11 to most top clubs in Europe such in the way transfer dealings are handled at that level


Sometimes we don’t even replace them. Victory through not really being bothered.


Yeah. Because they buy other players of similar quality to maintain competitiveness.


The difference between other top clubs and us, is that we “try” and buy a certain player in a position where we are desperate for top quality, and when we don’t get him, just leave it and don’t bother buying anyone.

What other top club in Europe sits on a mountain of money while drifting around fourth place and doesn’t strengthen?
Also what other top club loses all their best players, often not replacing them?

If Ozil and Sanchez both leave we will be without a world class player.
What other top European club can say that?


Try telling this to the avid Wenger fans


Thank you Captain Obvious, we’d be lost without you


I’d spent the summer saying he wasn’t…


There millions of examples of Top Teams splashing tons of money on overrated replacements. Here in Spain, everybody remembers how Barça wasted the money from Figo’s treason in Overmars/Petit who ended up being two of the worst signings of the club’s history. Managers are paid to act intelligently in the market, sell well and buy better. Acting desperately, trying to fill up a place left by great players often ends up with a poor, overpaid signing.


I agree there are lots of other clubs that have wasted money on players but they also have several top quality players already at the club and also buy world class players asa well.

As for managers acting intelligently in the market, you are talking as if Wenger never makes bad signings.
He has wasted millions on players that are simply not good enough, and to make it worse he persists with those players to the detriment of the team.

He also is one of the most indecisive managers in Europe when it comes to buying players and he is also the most stubborn.

When you have so much money at your disposal and so many weak links in the first team, then there is no excuse for leaving it for so long to sort it out.

After this season we will possibly have no world class players because they are fed up with Wenger’s poor transfer business.
How is this acceptable and how it’s possible to defend his approach in the market?


Wenger managed to finish top4 for many seasons while having one of the lowest investment-sales rates of the league. If you can give some credit to that, then you are probably too biased.

True it is that he has not adapted too well to the new financial scenario of the club and that he risks to lose track with big-spenders. However, you have to be realistic, we have no sheik nor russian oligarc playing real-life football manager with the club. No regular club, not fostered by a megalomaniac millionaire, would survive to a signing policy such as Chelsea’s or ManCity’s during the last decade. A Robinho or Di María’s type signing would have simply ruined our club financial stability.