Thomas Lemar


Wenger :hipster:


I was curious when this thread started. 24 June. Reason this gone bust is that they’ve sold a lot of players already according to what he said to the press this morning. Just state you didn’t want to meet their valuation. It’s so clear to see for everybody. Why lie about it still?


Telling the truth would imply culpability.

Wenger doesn’t do culpability, in fact in his world it doesn’t exist.




Reliability of Telegraph as source has been dropped to tabloid level though.

Can’t imagine they will sell Lemar at this point.


If they sign Lemar i might have to go full meltdown.


Liverpool have offered €80,000,000 according to L’Equipe


If that’s true then it looks as if they are going to accept Barcelona’s offer for Courtinho.

Klopp could get a player as good as the one he is selling and make a profit as well.

That’s what you call being decisive in the transfer market.

It would take Wenger a few seasons to make a decision like that, if he did anything at all.


Liverpool getting Lemar would really just be rubbing salt into the wounds.


Love how Liverpool make an enquiry to sign the player we’ve been after all summer on the same day they spank us 4-0!



Lemar is a great player but isn’t what we need to improve our team, especially about the defense. Invest the money on fwo or three world class defensive players.


Couple years ago Wenger said he asked Monaco about Kurzawa & Martial and was told not for sale, both moved anyway.


We follow a player for the whole summer, he ends up elsewhere. Only at Arsenal.


Wouldnt surprise me if clubs just say no to Arsenal from the off because they know we will low ball and draw out long negotiations. The selling club know they can get bigger money from another party.


And they no the players are never gonna kick up a fuss to join us like they would if city/united/PSG/Barca/Madrid etcetc come calling.


For someone with many french connections and being an old manager of the club, they sure didn’t give a fuck about him.


We are just fucked, lol!


Once Draxler and VvD are unveiled next week, ‘Lemar’ will once again become that Tottenham fan that came runner up in Fame Academy


That is literally the only thing that can save the season.

We continue with the current crop and its over. No trophies and no top 4.


If Liverpool get in then that’s just another knife in the balls.

If the Arsenal brass had any balls they’d sack him now