Thomas Lemar


This is actually happening. :see_no_evil:


Demolish us then sign our top transfer target.

Klopp’s making Wenger his bottom bitch.


The sadistic part of me wants him to join liverpool


Silly Liverpool, paying the inflated price. They should be smart like us.


Neither one are coming to Arsenal–you know this.


Do you believe we are getting them?


Their fans will never know the amazing feeling we get on Earnings Day!


Certainly not! Draxler should definitely leave PSG but I wouldn’t come here if I were him. VvD is wanted all across Europe apparently, it’d be very decent of him if he decided on us :laughing:


Man the prospect of signing Lemar got me excited and made me engage in football again. If he signs for Liverpool, I am done for another season.

I have my own shit to plan for & rectify.


Someone contact Hoogendijk and warn her. :giroud3:


Can I get some recognition from the resident Dutchies for spelling that name without Googling it? :wink:


I think selling clubs are fed up with Wenger’s transfers tactics of perpetually haggling and waiting until the end of the window and would rather do business with a grown up.


When you type a surname followed by fake nudes into google enough times you get good at spelling it.



she’s not a guy though




Barça were interested, we clearly rate him a lot, Liverpool now clearly think he’s worth a large sum of money, maybe he is really the real deal/there’s something we’re missing here?


Imagine my surprise when Hoogendijk wasn’t descriptive and didn’t translate into “huge dick”. :giroud3:


Or maybe liverpool are being c*nts and just out pricing him for us. If the boy wants to come to us, he will, but now we’re gonna have to pay 70mil.

Its not my money, i dont care, but considering we’ve sold chamberpot for a measly 35mil, it rankles a bit


We can promise him the Europa League, something Southampton can’t :henry2:


I think that’s extremely unlikely considering we were already able to price ourselves out of the bidding without any help from Liverpool.