Thierry Henry


That’s an excellent article which should shed some light on their failings.


Monaco are such a weird club, went from a money club to a hipster club in the space of like 5 years.



I rate Jardim and he was in my top 5 managers to join Arsenal, I stand by that opinion as even Klopp had Dortmund languishing at this stage of his last season in Germany and look what he’s doing at Liverpool.


Winning nothing? :yawn:


Develop young talent? You can’t stay up with them.


Yeah we can all go on about that, but he’s taken them from where we are now to a CL final in under 3 years, if Emery gets us to a CL final by the 20/21 season I won’t be complaining.



Good luck Titi!


Smash it sexy beast


Good luck :crown:


Definitely a step up in terms of responsibility for him. I still would’ve liked to see him there with old W next to him. Anyway, I hope he smashes it, spends a few years becoming an absolute beast and then comes back to us :heart_eyes:


Getting sacked before the end of the season. He’s not cut out to be a manager I feel.


Wish him luck…should be interesting to see how he gets on


Best of luck King.


Anyone else done this?


The fairytale everybody wants is for Thierry to come back to Arsenal some day and be a great manager, but that sort of shit rarely happens.

Looks like a tough gig at Monaco, let’s see what he’s made out of.


I wonder how much of his appointment is down to ability and how much is down to name recognition. Either good luck to him hope he does well and become a great manager




no we have lives