Thierry Henry


Henry v Paddy V in Ligue 1 this season. Winner becomes the next permanent Arsenal manager :smile:


Is Patrick Vieira in League 1?!


he is manager of Nice now.

Oh Ligue 1, not League 1 :smile:





That would have made me feel really sentimental if it wasn’t done entirely for the purpose of selling watches


haha all it was missing was a “if you use my code Thierry20 you get 20 percent off” like all the ex love islanders do on their instagrams :joy:


Damn it Jakey. I read it like they made watches to commemorate The Invincibles and not as a branded post. I guess I was to naieve.


That’s the ugliest Rolex I’ve ever seen


I was only a child at the time but it’s one of the goals that has always stuck in my head :heart_eyes:


When you hear people say things like I was only a child it makes you so grateful to players like him and managers like AW that generation of people like me got to experience him in his prime. I don’t think I’ll ever see a better Arsenal duo than Henry and Bergkamp.


This is (as I’ve probably said a billion times by now) my favourite goal of all time in football.


What a moment this was, was only like my 3rd season of following Arsenal was early in my high school days and nearly everyone that followed it went for Man United.


I think i farted and came at the same time watching this one. I screamed so loud for so long…

My sincerest apologies if i dont quite master the vernacular that one had at the time, and the written words can sometimes delightfully drool way to actually personify the mis en scene of the time…but methinks it went something like this…



I was ten years old and eleven rows behind that goal :heart_eyes:



Damn, it was all good just a season ago.

Tbh they are a shambles because they continually sell off all their best players, that model was always going to break down at some point.


Don’t think he is the right man to get them out from the mess.


I was pretty damn keen on Jardim when our new managerial appointment was up in the air, admittedly from a position of relative ignorance. So what’s the deal with him now? Was he never that good to begin with? Was he good but has recently been shit? Or is @Darkseid right that this is basically just their luck running out after several rounds of selling their best players and replacing them with cheaper options?