Thierry Henry


Think he’s destined to be a terrible manager. If he gets a role of course.


As far as I’m concerned Henry has left a very bad impression on me . Arsene made his career, coached and released Henry’s potential and Henry couldn’t make the effort or put aside any personal angst to turn up at pitchside to honour Wengers last home game .
He was King in the Northbank but yet where was he ?
I hope , he turns to management and fails quite frankly.
As for those pathetic tattoos…
Sorry Henry …


I can’t bring myself to anything but love this guy… not really sure on story re AW last home game - odd there, but he is still the most electric team player I can recall watching. Should be mentioned with others at the pinnacle of the game imho.


What a fucking shit reason to hate on one of the best players to ever wear the shirt. I couldn’t give a fuck if his reason for not turning up was that he was washing the hair that he doesn’t have, nothing negates his brilliance for Arsenal.


I have to agree
They’ll never be another Sir Terrance , go and honour the manager, the club but more importantly the working man who worshipped him , who ‘chipped ‘ into to his wages .
Loyalty doesn’t mean anything now , sadly


Absolutely no
Why wasn’t he there ?
Sitting in a Sky Studio more important then honouring a manager who made him ?
No loyalty from you then


What exactly would you know about Henry’s loyalty to Wenger? Percisely fuck all. You’re looking at one public event and deciding on the back of that it doesn’t exist, which is absolute nonsense. I’m sure they have a complex relationship but his attendance or not on that particular day means nothing in the grand scheme of things.


That was his job. If you said to your employer’s nah not coming to work today going to the Emirates instead. Let’s see their reaction


You are talking about THE greatest goal scorer in The Arsenal’s club history FACT .
Why didn’t he show up ?
Sky money was far greater than honouring the man , the manager who made him .
Can you imagine how much The Emirates would have erupted if Henry would have walked out with Wenger ?
Think about it .
There wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house .
Loyalty… sadly has gone


Yea. It did lack atmosphere and emotion that day didn’t it. :roll_eyes:


Oh Absolutely
Considering Henry bagged a cheeky hat-trick in the last game at Highbury .
Another reason WHY he should have been there .



Glad Thierry is back with Renault for the iconic va va voom campaign, those adverts were part of my childhood


Happy Birthday to the :crown:


Over 20 goals and 20 assists is just sensational


:heart: Thierrific footballer. :heart:


24 goals and 20 assists I think it was, what a God.


Henry, in the same attacking line up as Bergkamp, Pires and Ljundberg.
It doesn’t get much better than that.


Arsène Wenger appears to suggest that Thierry Henry wants the Bordeaux job: "Yes, he wants to do it, he is intelligent and he has the qualities."

— Get French Football News (@GFFN) 20 augustus 2018

I’m not sure if they are still talking. I wonder if Bordeaux is a good first club to begin at.


It’s been reported Henry accepted the job offer from Bordeaux and ownership has to make the final decision.


Interesting, we’ve neglected alot of French talent in Wenger later years. A change under a HoR who has an eye for French based talent could be useful