Thierry Henry


Good luck TH14. Don’t think he is still ready to manage at this level.


I’m rooting for him, he’s clearly serious about it quitting Sky.

At least it’ll be a fresh take instead of the usual Bruce, Pardew, Pulis et al brigade.


If this true, at least the guy is humble enough to not act like Ryan Giggs and think he is entitled to a Premier League job just because of who he is. As seva says, the Championship is no joke and Villa are a big club where expectations will be high. I have my doubts about whether or not Henry will be a good manager but this would show balls and commitment to making it as a manager, I respect that and I’d wish him nothing but the best.

I’ll be sure to catch as many Villa games as I can if this happens.




Best of luck Thierry…


Greedy fucker.


Why is he greedy haha. If he’s due that money he’s gonna want it haha

Also good luck Theirry! Hope he gets them up as league winners


I’m still not sure what Bouldy contributed from Arsene’s coattails on our bench all those years sitting there looking like a grumpy old git. Still, wish our ex’s all the best at Villa. Maybe they can restore some greatness there.


Was not expecting to see this. Gonna be interesting to see him, Lampard and Gerrard all embarking on their first proper management jobs at the same time.

Who out of the three do we think will end up getting the flick first?


Interesting to see if Henry’s Pep-inspired philosophy translates in a fairly seperate standard to what he’s seen his entire time involved in pro football.

Guy seems in complete awe of the off the ball work and tactical positioning Pep coached into him at Barca.

Props for taking this on. Hope he has a strong idea of what he’s in for.




Good old Bruce. Did well last season so there is no reason why he couldn’t do the same this year.


Agreed. Thierry Henry was a bit of an autograph/vanity signing to me. Changing things for the sake of it with a sexy name. Steve Bruce took Villa from the slums to almost promotion. He reinrigorated them – in a season where both his parents died. He knows the league. Weighing everything up, I think he deserves another season and it’s a sensible decision to keep him around.

Would have been fun to see Henry in charge of a club, but i’m sure that time will come soon.


Strange if this turns out to be his first managerial job. How many managers go from international management to successful club management?


Franz Beckenbauer is the only one who really comes to mind for me.



Lol Titi getting mugged off left right and center. What’s going on with the king?



Sure buddy. He’s been rejected like a mofo. Hope he gets something soon at decent club level.