Thierry Henry


Sky are his employers. Really big thing getting made of it when for me there is nothing to it. Watching sky yesterday you could see in Thierry’s eyes he was quite emotional when talking after the speech


Absolutely diabolical that Henry didnt go to honour the manager that made him . There’s enough pundits who could have taken over , Sky would have honoured him to go . It wouldn’t bother me if i never saw Henry at the Emirates .


Henry seems to be a bit of snake recently he professes to love Arsenal and he probably does, but only when it makes him look good…only cares about himself and what accolades he can get out of things, to me he is a bit too much ‘look at me’. I am not saying he was ALWAYS like that but definitely feels like that to me right now.


I’m not going to say any bad words about Henry, when we had him with his 228 goals in 370 odd appearances I felt we could beat any side in the world at any venue. Miss having a top 3 player in the world at our disposal.



His highlight as a pundit was placing his hand on Carragher’s knee, so this is probably a good idea.

He was paid £4m a year for that gig and never justified that salary IMO. With Carragher back, I can’t see Thierry being a big loss.


:disappointed: Loved having Theirry on Sky.


Yeah, I didn’t mind him either tbh. Good to see him making a decision like this though, shows he’s dedicated.


I found his accent really hard to hear tbh


Smart decision made a year too late. Glad he’s realised he needed to drop the TV gig to enable total focus on coaching

Could have been embedded in the Arsenal coaching set up gaining actual experince.


He didn’t exactly realise on his own he was told by Wenger to leave SKY ages ago to be a coach. To think he could have been coaching at Arsenal. The flip side to that is he is gaining valuable experience elsewhere.


It’s one of those situations where he had to realize on his own. But better late than never good luck to him


Good luck…both parties. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting but I’d be pissed off if I was a Villa supporter. Can’t help but feel the foreign ownership has gone for a glamour appointment

Hope he does well regardless


Does Steve Bruce know?

Excited for the Thierry Henry and Frank Lampard managerial duel though.


According to the media he was having crunch talks today. I guess they must’ve lasted 2 minutes and he’s gone. :smirk:


I just had a quick look on a Villa forum because I was curious about this. A lot of them want to stick with Steve Bruce. Henry is a big no from the majority. Even saw one fan say they’d rather have John Terry as player/manager :flushed:

Though, there is some optimism. My fave comment is:

Yer know, IF we get Henry and Bould, why not Wenger as DOF? It would be entirely possible. That would be quite a top team.


I just get the feeling Henry will be shit manager lol


Titi: “Your performance it lacks the je nai sais quoi.”
squad: " 'ere, woss that gaffair"?


The Championship is no joke. You can’t fake it over 46 games

Very easy to get exposed if you don’t have previous football league or management experience