Thierry Henry


5 years ago today, he scored his first goal in his comeback stint, against Leeds.

Proper goosebumps moment.


Jonker has left in the past couple of days.
The mind boggles


Had no idea we paid him so much back then.


40 Years old today :cech:


The Arsenal Twitter account are all about Henry today, not that I’m complaining, It’s another chance to watch his best moments. This goal v Man United is his best ever :heart_eyes:


No goal he scored will ever top the emotion I felt more than his beautiful goal at the Bernabeu.


and probably still a better striker than 3/4 of them in the EPL




That one and Ronaldinho’s chip against Chelsea are two goals I’ll never forget.



Yeah I have to admit, Henry didn’t really seem full of praise in the interviews I saw of him with Souness and Redknapp after the celebrations etc.

Don’t think Henry and Wenger are on as good terms as they used to be.


Probably because of what happened with the coaching that time. You can see where both were coming from on that one in fairness.


Yeah, although I do admit I side with Wenger on that one.

I don’t think you can be coaching and a pundit at the same time and still realise your full potential as a coach. Not fair to the younger players either.

He could easily just have been a Euro/World cup pundit and then coached the Arsenal sides during the season.


It’s a shame he took sky’s money instead of coming back to the club and coaching and coming through.

Oh well.

Plenty other players didn’t show up either tbf


Yeah but Jérémie Aliadière turned up, and that’s the most important thing




I honestly thought it was pretty poor .
I was hoping to see a guard of honour with all the ex top players , Freddie, Bergkamp, Seaman , Wright , Dixon , Winterburn , Overmars etc etc
Taking nothing away from a very emotional day it would have been an even bigger tearjerker to see the old players .


Don’t think he’ll make a particularly good coach anyway, I don’t think it’s a huge loss for us.

Much more excited to see how players like Arteta, Mertesacker, Lehmann, Ljungberg etc. turn out in their management/coaching roles.


I sure if Wenger had wanted a long line of the greatest players who have ever played for him there yesterday he’d have had it imo. Unless it’s said otherwise I’m going to assume that the club offered to arrange something like that and he didn’t want it.

Wasn’t there even a tweet posted on here about the club proposing a guest list for the game and him rejecting it? (not that I’m basing my opinion on a tweet I can’t even remember lol)


Henry always criticizes Wenger on Sky so it is not a surprise he wasn’t at the Emirates yesterday.