Thierry Henry


He’ll never be manager if he keeps his relationship with Sky up.

Not least because he still needs to get his coaching badges and he’ll need to get them with another club now.


His best chance of ever getting the arsenal job was to snub sky and embed himself in the arsenal coaching staff, work his way up to the first team then hope the board gives him the manager job out off a deluded sense sentiment.


Still not conviced I’d have even wanted him as an Arsenal manager years down the line anyways. It’s very rare successful players become successful managers as well.


Exactly. Different skillset.


He does it for the experience I guess, but not sure if it’s really the right way to go.


Didn’t expect him to be taking that job. Not sure if it’s the best move for his career, but I guess it’s experience and he can continue his work with sky.


Will be interesting to see how will watch the Jupiler League remaining in England during the week end for his career with Sky. :santi:


As assistant manager of the Belgian national team I don’t think he’ll have much problem getting hold of recordings of matches played in the Belgian national league. Most of their players probably don’t even play in that league anyway.


I don’t think it’s going to be his job anyway. For the most part the Belgium team picks itself and he’ll just have to lurk around when they play their qualifiers every second month.


I was just responding to the idea that he’ll find it difficult to keep up with Belgian football, not saying that I think that’ll actually be his job.


Not if you want to further a serious managerial career at a big club or learn the ropes of professional football management. But it is a good move to stay close to football and give yourself a better lifestyle, including keeping his TV gig.


best of luck to our future manager, guess he has to start somewhere


Seems like the type of glamour position Henry would go for. The man is all flash no substance.

And you wonder why the Belgians haven’t had any success internationally, the lack a consistent footballing ideology and a managerial team of Martinez and Henry aren’t the guys to develop it


Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Kompany, Fellaini, Vertonghen, Origi, Courtois, Batshuayi, Dembele, Benteke, Januzaj, Mignolet, Mirallas, Aldeweireld, Defour, Chadli.

Nearly every decent Belgian is based in England. You want a man in England. Isn’t he still lacking badges? There’s probably a way to get them with less work this way or something.


If only Wenger had let him teach that youth squad, no one would give a fuck.

Actually that still stands.


There’s no way Wenger would have let Henry be a coach whilst juggling his media duties. I actually make Arsene right in this case. You want your coaches to be 100% on the job, every member of (600 lol) staff in fact.


I loathe and detest sky . Henry love him as I do has whored himself to them so I frankly dont care what other gigs he does. Its not like he needed the money either . His path to our managerial door will wind away some more but another quitely sails slowly towards us . One day Dennis will return for it is written in the stars and a golden age will shine forth upon Islington once more. His return like Aslan in Narnia will end the endless winters of discontent and propel us to a new dawn where all things will be possible again.


Didn’t Gary Neville do it the same way? It does indeed sound like it’s the easy way to get your badges done, without gathering too much experience of how it is to do it each and every day.


cheers to those poor employees that have to be let go due to the Perez and Mustafi signings.


He is not even a good pundit.
His accent makes it worse.