Thierry Henry

I don’t know if he can become a good coach or not. What is true is that i don’t know how you can work on two things at the same time. You need just one focus.

The most important thing is, does his Sky’s job interfere his coaching job at Arsenal?

There is no summer break for Wenger.
He needs to take care of player’s transfers during the summer, 24/7.
If you say he worked for Bein Sports, then I will say it surely interferes his managing job at Arsenal.
No wonder we are so screwed up in transactions all these years, because the old man did not concentrate in his job.

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Oh how very controversial, to demand that someone who has only started to work in in his new profession, should commit to it full time.

Nothing to suggest that Henry has much interest in becoming a coach and learn new things (I do believe he wants to manage a club and earn lots of money though). If he was an ambitious coach, who really wants to learn and develop, then he’d give up the punditry job that he’s got, and take the job at Arsenal (a job he most likely isn’t even qualified to actually do, so he should show more gratitude).

During his time in Brazil two years ago, he talked with Sanchez, Ospina and Debuchy to sign them. This year he talked with Lacazette and we were on Vardy when he flew to France for the Euros.

When a pre-season is started, he was in Colney with the players and his staff.

The fact is one: you can’t be face to face with a player during the week and talk of him (badly) on TV. Isn’t professional. Right choice from Wenger to force Henry to choose between his career as poundit and his career with Arsenal. The same question, for the same reason, Mancini has proposed to Daniele Adani, one of best italian poundits. He choosed to remain with Sky refusing a contract with Inter.

This is a click bait story to start an Anti Wenger propaganda.

He comments on the premier league and was due to work with the under 18s. This would not have been an issue.

He was a dependent of Arsenal Football Club.

Sincerly I don’t know if your boss would be happy if you works for a company but you talk about your colleagues on TV. In my opinion, after a period, he will offer to you the opportunity to choose between the camera or your job.

agree, no need to make it a big deal, both the media and Wenger :wenger:

Yeah, plus a 4M deal.

Fucking shit story from shit papers…

The Euro is gone, and the Olympics has started yet.
They need story(ies) to sell paper.

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Henry respects Wenger decision & confirms exit

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£4m a year?? Fuck me. He’s probably already in the top 25 highest paid coaches in the world.

Why would he turn that down for some shitty coaching job? This isn’t a flash in the pan, if he plays his cards right he could be a Sky pundit for a decade banking that 4mil whereas this hardly going to be the fast track to a top coaching job.

Someone will give him a part time job. He’ll be fine.

It would. Especially in Champions League weeks. I don’t know how his hours at Arsenal would look. But because of travel, preparations and things like that he would probably lose a couple of days per week.

I don’t think binding old players in official roles to the club can be a bad thing and to me this seems like a odd ultimatum to make, since he also gave a lot to this club in the past. I don’t really know what to think of it tbh.

When you sign for Sky you sell your soul to the Devil . Sky are all that is wrong in Football and have corrupted the game at the expense of the fans . Henry was hardly going to sacrifice 4 mill a year for a non paid job.
Wengers pampered failures have fragile Ego’s and cannot cope with the ignomy of bieng called out by Henry on TV when they screw up.
Wenger is also clever and realises that Henry might have an eye on his Job and the last thing Wenger would do is undermine himself. This is also why there are no credible coaches working at Arsenal just a bunch of cone placers,clipboard and kit managers and the odd travel club manager ie Yes men !
Wenger is going nowhere , which is good for continuity as the Club is heading for the same place !


Henry to replace Wenger? Wenger has fear to be replaced by Titì Henry? [he has offered to him the opportunity to remain in the club, but Henry refused to keep his job with Sky]

The last time I read a thought like this, was when he refused to sign Vieira as assistant. Now Vieira is managing (badly) a top class MLS team.

Henry was, is and will not be never a good manager. Hasn’t the right qualities. Arteta, for example, is different…

tbf that’s way too early to tell. you also can’t really blame Henry for sticking with his current job as it is a handsome pay for doing something he enjoys (watching football). He’s still relatively young and has plenty of time to go into managing. What he will have to do though is commit fully to it and not treat it as a side job. In that regard Wenger’s right and everyone trying to turn this into a Wenger is bad story is just desperate to find something to bash him over the head with. As if there wasn’t enough else to criticize him for.


I’m not desperate to do that at all. I just disagree with his stance for the job Henry was going to do. I think you’re otherwise correct, at some point Henry will have to make that call but certainly it’s not a call he needs to make prior to completing his badges.

I also wonder how easy it is to walk out on a contract with sky. Surely informed Henry’s decision to some degree.

Trust me, I didn’t have you in mind when I made the post, but the people that see it as Wenger protecting himself from criticism from inside the club, Wenger fearing for Henry to take over his job or the ones that deliberately don’t want to see the difference between being on television each and every week to being on television when there’s no fucking person at the training ground anyway.

If he needs to make that call now, I don’t know, but I’d imagine that a club like Arsenal would treat such job as a full time employment, which includes being available at any time and with weekends being pretty much reserved and mid week games being a thing, I don’t know how much time left there really is for him to make his badges. Better to give it to someone who won’t have to make compromises to fulfill his role.

I agree on your last sentence, though someone like Neville did take time out at Sky during that period, but I guess Henry’s in a bit weaker position in that regard.


It’s been quite obvious for a long time that Wenger is very defensive of his position within the club and protective of the power that he wields - power that goes far beyond the limits of most other managers at their clubs.

Now I don’t know what all this stuff with Henry is about, whether he genuinely believes Henry can’t do both, or he perhaps believes Henry isn’t the man for the job. Maybe he just thinks Henry is a shit pundit - something we can all agree on - but it’s naive to think that Wenger doesn’t have some sort of agenda. Just about everything he does or says usually has more than meets the eye to it, he’s a crafty man.

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I don’t see it as being likely that this is some sort of power play by Wenger because he is worried about some sort of potential future coup involving Henry. Many have complained that Wenger has too much job security and too much influence over the way the club is run and that the board are risk-averse, and those are pretty accurate assessments of the people who run the club, so with that being said, I can’t really see Wenger feeling threatened by a complete novice who has no clue how to run a football club.

I’d say that this is the least likely explanation for the ultimatum Wenger gave Henry about his media commitments if he wanted to coach one of our sides. The following three reasons all seem more likely to me:

  1. He genuinely didn’t think Henry could manage the under 18s whilst maintaining his current level of work for Sky.
  2. He has doubts over Henry as a coach and therefore doesn’t really want to trust him with the under 18s.
  3. He doesn’t like Henry criticising playing staff (Giroud) and took offence his comments about the fans/crowd having never been unhappier towards the end of the season and now doesn’t really want to work with him.
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